Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's time to win some Carmels

So I told you last week that I would be giving away some carmels this week.

And that is just what I intend to do.

I love making these little sweet treats and love sharing them even more.


Maybe today you will win yourself a little Christmas package.

It's very simple,
Just leave your comment below along with the name of one friend who you would like to see win.
If I draw your name ..I will send a package to you and your friend.

If you won last week you can still win this week.
It's just a little something from me to you.
And... to your friend.

I know this time of year can be hard for many people.
If you know of someone who could use a little love in a package I would just love to send them this gift! So two names... Yours and your friend.
That would be just groovy! (Do we use groovy anymore? Did we ever?)

I will post the winners on Wednesday, December 21 so make sure to get your names in!


  1. Yes, we absolutely still use groovy! :-) So, my name is Kathy and my friend who could use a little Christmas love is Carmen. Thanks for the chance to win some yummy goodness!

  2. Hi name is Trula! Was so good to see you and chat with you the other night even it was for a little bit. My friend..who is also my daughter, Dawn, is a bit lonesome since she won't be able to make it home for Christmas:( By the way my favorite candy is anything with caramel in why wouldn't I love just plan caramel!!!

  3. Carmels are one of our families favorites! Carmel makes most anything great! My Sister & "Friend" Verba would love some Carmel to sweeten her holiday season... Sharon Troyer

  4. Hi Rose, I don't know if you mail these or not, but if you happen to, I would love to enter. :) I will leave for Christmas in El Dorado next week, and would be gone when my caramels would arrive,(if you happened to draw my name), so I would like to submit names of 2 friends - one as the friend, and one as me...does that make sense? :) My friends Kristina and Leslie could both use some extra love this time of year.

    You are such a fun blessing to know. Thanks for spreading the cheer and the inspiration! :)


  5. Thank you sweet gals for your comments! I wish each of you could have won!


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