Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A compelling letter from the boy

Every child of ours has had the assignment of writing a persuasive letter their first year of middle school. So it wasn't a big surprise when our 6th grader presented us with this letter.

With his permission I am sharing it with you because I thought it was that good.

Dear Mom and Dad,

You know at the old house when Jalen and I would pitch to each other? If so, then you will recall how almost every time we did one of us got hurt. Whether it was one way or another, it happened and it happened painfully (I'll go into further detail on just how we got injured in the next paragraph). This, along with other reasons, is why I would like you to consider getting me a set of catchers gear for Christmas.

The first reason I would like a set of catchers gear is that I would be lot safer practicing with it. Almost every time I practiced without gear, I'd get hurt. Sometimes it would be from a misplaced fastball, or the occasional tree, or a ball that bounced funny, or something along those lines. The point is that things could get really ugly really fast. If I had catchers gear, I wouldn't get hurt so easy. That's why I would be safer with gear.

The second reason that I would like to bring to your attention is that it would make my baseball experience a whole lot easier. Playing at home would be less stressful because I could stop the ball without the fear of getting nailed. It would also be easier playing organized baseball because I wouldn't have to spend time getting caught (no pun intended) up to speed when baseball starts in April. That's why catchers gear would make things easier for me in baseball.
Now, I know that one of the prevailing problems that you have is the cost of the gear. Speaking honestly, I can see why cost is an issue. I looked it up online and a good set of catchers gear could be anywhere from $80 - $150. However, I remember that one time when we were younger that you guys paid Jalen $80 for working with dad 4 or 5 times. If I worked 2 months worth of weekends with dad for free, that would be more than enough to pay you back and I would be perfectly willing to do that. Working with dad would help me learn about stuff that I'll use in life too.
So as I conclude this letter, I'd like to tell you how happy I would be if you made this my Christmas gift. Getting it is easy. You could get a set online at Amazon or you could go MC Sporting goods. Thanks for reading this letter and taking the time to think about it.

Sincerely, Micah

I am very tempted to run out and purchase him a set.
In fact it sounds so compelling I am thinking about buying myself a matching set...Just for safety purposes.
What would you do?


  1. I would totally buy a set for him and you! :) What a great letter...and idea. I'll have to post Isabella's persuasive letter....It will make you laugh. :) Heather

  2. I think that first of all, I would give him an A. =) 2nd of all, I think you should get him one. Also, I miss you and your family. I hope you're doing well.

  3. H: I can't wait to read it:) I'm sure it was great!!
    Jen: I miss you too! If you have time come see us when you get home! We would love that!

  4. get that boy some catchers gear!! :)


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