Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When the church bells go ding dong

Did you grow up in church?
What's the first image you think of when you think of your memories of church?

Was your church fun?
Was it long?
Did people talk above your head?
Were you more concerned with what friend might be there then what you would receive from the message?
Did you sit and smell odors coming from the fellowship hall that made your stomach rumble with hunger?
Which row of pews did you sit?
Did you play tic tac toe and count the ceiling tiles while you waited for the big people to wrap it up?
Or wonder why all the songs? And what did all those words mean?
What did you wear?
And How much time did you spend dozing off on your moms shoulder while drool escaped the corner of your mouth.
In your waking moments did your dad have to squeeze the flap of skin right under your knee? Or was that just me?
What about flies...did you have flies swarm your head?
Do you remember the sound the ceiling fans made as they circulated round and round.
Well I just recently came across something...

It was my 11 year old sons thoughts on church....

He said... " Church is a place where someone stands up and says....Blah Blah Blah and would you like to help with Dee Dee Dah...Then someone else stands up and says Someones family needs prayer. After that we stand for what seems like forever and sing...then we sit down and the pastor talks about God being faithful and Just and then we stand while he prays which also takes forever because he has a lot to say to God. Then he dismisses us we shake hands and our parents talk a long time while us kids wait for them to finish up."

Sounds about right.

I think that may have been similar to my thoughts as a child. Maybe church hasn't changed all that much from one generation to the next. :)

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