Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Reflections

I had several inspirations this weekend.
One was a book I read... " Heaven is for real". It's a true story of a little boy who seems to have encountered a heavenly experience. What was especially touching to me was his description of Jesus. He repeated numerous times how much Jesus loves us. His eyes are full of kindness. He loves us so much.
I don't know about you but when I think of good motivation I am much more inclined to be motivated by a God who loves me then a God who watches to make sure I never mess up.
When I think of a Jesus who is overflowing with love for me it causes me to NOT want to hurt him. And it also makes me want to spend time with him. Who doesn't want to be with someone who loves them fully? And accepts us for who we are?
But when I think of a rules and condemnation Jesus I worry that I won't ever do it good enough and it makes me nervous to be too close to someone like that. I'm afraid to move or not move. And I don't typically run to be in relationships with people like this.
When we start with a wrong perception of our Maker we will undoubtably lose touch with him on a personal level. How then do we keep a strong vibrant relationship with God? How do we live our lives so that when we reach heaven we will know him and he us?

Yesterday in Sunday School our teacher gave us several ideas of how to keep every minute of our lives devoted to Jesus.
As he started giving out different thoughts on daily disciplines of reading scripture one idea caught my attention.
Read 2 chapters from the OT and 1 from the NT And one Psalm every morning.
Well I've been reading out of Kings so I just continued that but added 1 NT chapter as well.
But this is what really peaked my interest. Out of those chapters ask God to give you 1 verse or phrase that you meditate on throughout the day.
I liked that idea because it gives me a consistent method. I don't know about you but when I was growing up I didn't really fix my bed at all. It remained unmade most of the time. Sometimes when I cleaned my smelly teen room it would get fixed but it wasn't a routine and therefore I never realized how good it felt to crawl into my made bed at night.
When I was getting ready to marry at the tender age of 22 my mother gave me a little piece of wisdom. "Never have a messy bedroom. Even if the rest of the house is chaotic make sure your bedroom is a haven." Well, that has stuck with me and when I got into the routine of fixing my bed every morning it drives me crazy to have it unmade now. If I walk into my room with my bed messed up I quickly fix it again.
I think that's what a consistent patterns does for us. We feel like somethings missing when we don't continue following the pattern.
So thinking about one verse today is what I'm doing...
And my phrase today is "Jesus heal me if you want to...and Jesus said.. I want to, be healed".
I love that Jesus responded with I want to. And then he went ahead and healed the leaper.

I am thinking of some people that I know that need some physical healing and others who need emotional healing. I am praying for some of my friends that feel like mental healing is what they need. And I'm thinking of others who need healing in their marriages and family relationships. I know you Jesus are the great healer. I ask if you are willing...bring healing to your children. Thank you for your amazing love that flows from your throne and fills our hearts.

Do you have a method you use to walk daily in the word? What helps you to stay close to the Jesus who loves you?

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