Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Troyer Camp 2011

So we had our anual Campout last weekend.
It was packed with fun.

We welcomed some new friends and future family members to our ever growing population.

We were missing Aaron and Jasmine. But here are the Troyer Grandkids.

With uncle Steve High jacking the picture.

He does this a lot.

I don't know why...Maybe it's from being locked in his closet as a child. (jk)

You will often find him in the picture with a goofy pose.

Gotta love him.

We made shirts and played indoor games.
This was a game my uncles used to play at family events. We dug it out and tried it out on these guys. Allen and Jason fought to the death for their 2 cups. They provided some good entertainment.
Dale Always proves to be a crowd pleaser! He had just gotten done with some arm wrestling and moved on to some sumo wrestling. We were in stitches at the end.
We played pass the shoe from me to you...

Grandpa stood on his head...Not bad for 71! Jus' sayin!
Risk was a BIG hit!
And than we moved the fun outside.
The girls took a boat ride.
And jumped off the dock.
These 2 guys picked up where they left off inside.
And the game of choice was Greased watermelon football.
Tyler was apparently the watermelon police. Making sure there were no cheaters or sneaky moves.
It was a fight to the death. No man woman or child were given a break...
As you can see...

We also played some messy, Whipped cream whiffle ball.
What a hoot!
It proved to be a slippery, mess but it was fun!
mmmm! Yummy! What a delicious snack.
Of course we had to eat sometime so for dinner we had a hog roast with all the fixin's
We enjoyed hearing these 2 play together on Sunday for worship.

We will look forward to celebrating their marriage next month In Virginia.

It was a great weekend being together and making more memories.
I love these people.
And what's kind of cool...
I really like them too.

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