Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Stolen Water

I have a younger friend who was on a mission assignment in another country. I remember shortly after she returned we were having a meal together. As she was sharing about her time away she said something that stuck with me.

"The cakes and pastries all look so delicious there but they are actually a lot like sin...They look beautiful so it's tempting to try them but they are nasty going down."

What a perfect example!

Of course the tempter would not choose to make temptation ugly...Who would be tempted?

He makes it look like Stolen sweet water that appears far better than plain old paid for water.

Proverbs 9 refers to the woman of folly as this.

She sits in the high ranks in the city calling out in her soothing voice...

"Come, I will show you. It will be the most delicious water and bread you will ever eat".

Just as our first parents did so many years ago many will be beguiled by the thought of the forbidden. We are born with the nature to crave what we do not have. But what she doesn't tell us is that many have already tasted and are living as a dead corpse. Walking around in their secret sins all the while continuing to drink the oppressive stolen sweet water...Many are living in their own hell on earth and more have already died in their dark graves.

She is fashionable and pretty. And she makes you think you've missed it if you don't try it. Everyone is doing it...They seem glad they did and encourage you to join them in the sweet treat.

But Her ways always lead to the grave.

She will look for the simple. Those who seem to be easy to swallow. They are always a sure thing.

And she will call out urgently to the educated and well-bred. She will make them believe they are smart and don't need to play by the rules. They, after all are the elite. Answering to no one but their own desire for pleasure.

But in the end the destruction will look the same.

Empty shallow graves with hollow hearts and shattered lives.

How can we be sure to walk in the opposite direction?

The fear of the Lord is the Beginning of wisdom. And knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. proverbs 9:10

Reverence of God's law...of his person... and his character, this is the start of wisdom. And knowing him will bring greater understanding.

Every day a decision to fear him first. In a spirit of humility recognize we are weak on our own...so we must stay very close to the one who hands out wisdom.

My prayer today for my children and for all of us is this...

Guide our paths today oh Lord. Keep us far from the stolen sweet water of the tempters trap. Set our face like a flint that we would look neither to the right or left. May our ears be deaf to the call of the seducer. May our hearts be quick to fear you. Give us understanding and wisdom beyond our years that we may be discerning and obedient. Preserve our lives from the grave for your honor and your name. ~Amen

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