Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sunday School

I have spent many years in Sunday School.Probably even before I have memory of it. It was one of the many things my parents did right. I learned Bible stories and songs. I learned the books of the Bible and how to make glue balls. And other things like learning to sit and taking turns talking. I learned that if you crossed certain teachers you'd have to sit in the hall outside the door until the superintendent would take you to your parent. I learned to pray and sing little choruses like Jesus loves me and This little light of mine.

I still go to Sunday School.

I especially like the class I have been in for the past 6 months. There are tables set up with approximately 50-75 people in the class. The teacher has to be one of the greatest teachers I have ever sat under on a weekly basis. He was my husband's professor. He has a gift and he uses it well. His class is called "Going Deeper", and we do. Every week. I walk away feeling fed and inspired. And he challenges me not because he's so smart(although it appears like he is) but that he has the ability to take scripture and open it up. He pulls out things that I don't see on my own. He makes the text come to life. I scribble notes as fast as I can. He apologizes for speaking to much. I'm glad he does.

He's a teacher. Not the pastor. He isn't paid. But it's obvious He loves Jesus. And he spends time with him. I love when I see faithful workers just going about what they are gifted at. Doing their best with what they have been given. Living lives that are worthy of what they have been called to.

Today I would like to honor those Sunday School teachers who are getting ready to teach.

Thank you for what you do. Thank you for taking time to prepare. Thank you for your service.

It will not go unnoticed! Even if the children you teach don't seem that interested or the adults are falling asleep.

God sees what you are doing.

And he is taking notes.

Yes, he is scribbling notes about you!

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