Tuesday, November 8, 2011

School's in

Well we did it all over again.

Another year of school.

Freshman is now Sophomore. 7th grader has turned to 8th. 5th grader has become a middle schooler and the little one is now a 3rd grader.

The passage of time. It is moving forward with no thought for my feelings.

This year I didn't have such huge adjustments. I do have a middle schooler but I'm not going to pretend it's as hard as the first one going or the thought of the last one. He's a secure boy that one is. Although he was a little nervous about getting lost the first day. Because I am such a great mom I may have in my most mature voice dared my 8th grader to hold his little brothers hand to his locker. In which they both responded "MOM!! That would be AWKWARD!"

I was just trying to help...I don't know what all the fuss is about.

So instead as I dropped them off I told them they needed to kiss their mama goodbye :)

Those boys! I love to give them grief! We all know they deserve it!

Fall is always super busy! Between all the start-up paper work and extracurricular activities we are pretty normal....Running.....Running.

Malaina is at it with volleyball and Show Choir. Jalen is going to start Drums this fall. Micah has football, Bible Quizzing and piano. And Sophie has dance and socializing. That little butterfly needs someone to talk to every waking moment.

So we're off and running. Here we go~!

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