Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Referee or Coach

Yesterday pastor taught out of John 6. He asked us to think about Jesus in terms of today's leaders. Jesus still had many followers. Thousands in fact. He had been giving them what they wanted but at this point in his ministry Jesus threw his disciples a curve ball. He was not focused on his numbers to the point of compromise. He loved people too much to just give them half of who he was. He was slowly giving them the full enchilada.(my words not his..in case you wondered if you missed that portion in your translation:))

Truth vs Grace. The full scope of who our Father is. He is not one or the other but the perfect balance of both.

The question is who doesn't love to think of their God as merciful when we are in such desperate need of someone to save us? But who really likes to think of the hard word of God? We live in a world that needs both. And it's easy for us to take up residence in one camp or the other.

God says the truth..."You have sinned". But.. His grace says..."I will forgive you".

Do we?

Or Is it this..."you have sinned....So...You are not worthy of my love". Truth without Grace.

Maybe it's this..."I can not judge that you have sinned because I don't want you to judge my sin". Grace without the truth.

I was thinking about this more and this is the word picture I came up with.

Do you think of God as more of a coach or the referee?

In a game the ref is running around pointing out the faults of the players. Making sure justice is served and the game is played fairly. He doesn't typically call the player over and kindly point out what he has done incorrectly. It's just a shrill tweet with the penalty stated to the stats table. Then it is broadcast to the entire stadium who the rule breaker was. His name and Number.

A good coach will call his player over when the individual has fouled and tells him what he has done wrong. And how he can change that. He may have to penalize the player, if the player needs it, by sitting him out awhile. But the point is the coach is for the player. The coach desires the team to win. Sometimes the Coach intercedes if he believes the call from the ref was incorrect. The coach tells his players the truth about what they need to improve in. But he encourages them to do their best. To play to their full potential.

God has our best in mind.

He wants us to be successful!

He is For YOU!

So when he tells us the truth about something it's for our benefit.

Truth and Grace.

A mixture that makes me thankful to be on his team.

Are you feeling like you need one or both of these today?

He will give you what you need. Press into his word.

Know him. He already knows you fully. And he loves you too much to let you go.

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