Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On a personal note...

Dear friend,

I have been indulging myself in study lately. It's been good. Exciting. And Powerful.

I have been preparing for next weekend. I will be spending the weekend with some sweet sisters close to Columbus Ohio. I am singing and speaking at their womans retreat. While I am very accustomed to singing....speaking is something I have not done in a formal way.( It's no secret that I can talk an ear off informally!!) But the preaching is my guys department and I love to hear him. He's been giving me some pointers. And I've been pleading with God to make me supernaturally endowed with wisdom. Without him and the spirit he pours I have nothing to offer.

But something special happened this week. Because of circumstances in my life the past few years I have absolutely not been able to write a song. It wouldn't come. I would try! I'd start something but I would inevitably get up from my piano walk away, frustrated and sad. I really had started thinking my song writing days were done. And I decided if God wanted to take that, well it was his and he could do what he wanted. But as I was sitting at the piano this week. Boom! A song hit me. I was like.. "really? You're gonna let me do this again? Okay! Okay!I will get a pen."

I poured out my heart and although you can't hear the melody I thought I'd share the words with you.

~ Who you are~

I didn't plan for this.

I didn't ask for that.

I never thought you'd find me here.

I don't understand, all your sovereign plans.

All I know is that I've found you....

Faithful, you have been faithful to me

Kinder, than I deserve.

Healer, you're the healer of my heart.

I have come to follow you....For who you are.

In the fiery furnace

In the raging storm

In the lonely shadows of the night

I will not be afraid.

I will not raise a sword.

I have found my God is with me there.

And He's faithful! He has been faithful to me.

Kinder, than I deserve.

Healer, He's the healer of this heart

And I have come to follow him...

I choose to follow in joy and pain.

I choose to trust, that you still reign

I choose to know you for who you are.

It's here I've found you are...

Faithful, you have been faithful to me.

Kinder, than I deserve.

Healer, you're the healer of my heart.

I have come to follow you, for who you are!


The context of this song is simply this... It is so easy to believe Jesus to be whoever we want him to be. But perhaps not the Jesus of the Bible. I want to know him for who he is not who I have dreamed him up to be.

We must recognize that the God of the Bible is not just a Santa who hands out our favorite things.

And so when we face troubles. When we are alone. Or in a storm. ....He is a God who goes into the storm with us and when we come out with him on the other side of that giant wave that threatens us... he is with us still. But sometimes we get lost in the wave because we are so mad at him for letting us face it. Or, we drown in our own sorrows and forget that he is still holding on to us... we have just lost our grip of him.

The People of Jesus day didn't recognize him as the Messiah either because they thought the Messiah would be a different looking God. They thought when the Son of God comes he would take away the pain. The Yolk of slavery. The bondage of the government. They had read the scripture incorrectly.

And so they didn't recognize him.

He came to heal the pain. But he didn't promise to wipe out their oppressors. He instead, forgave all who would come to him. His mission was to be one of Uncommon Kindness and love.

And If I say I follow...I should go in that direction...Uncommonly Kind.

And if I say I want to know him...Then I must know all of him. Not just the fuzzy feel good parts. But the rough and firery furnace parts as well.

If you think of me and the room of women that will be present could you pray for us? I know God can use any cracked pot he desires. I so want to honor him and speak what he wants spoken.

I know some of you have already been praying and I am so so grateful!

Thank you! Thank you for taking time to share in what's personal to me!

Love you,


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