Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A night in Hawaii

This is the time of year when people in Indiana have to fight cranky thoughts of people who are living in weather that is room temp.

Every year we get to this point and we as a collective group would just like to say that we know that you who live in the tropical south have it really nice right now....Let's talk again in July. :) I'm funning you. That's all. No hard feelings. All in fun!

Sometimes we have to get a little creative to make the February living more bearable.

So why not throw a party... A festive night of Hawaiian music, tropical food, and games.

It was so simple! All we had to do was show up dressed in way too little for February temps and eat and laugh until our cheeks were sore. It was so fun!

And that is just what my Brother and Sister in law did for us on Saturday night!Appetizers.
Fish. Chicken and Shrimp Kabob's.
Rice. Cesar Salad.

And Our very own personal Barista...Tropical Drink Maker...

We did miss our parents. They like to take an extended trip to Florida during these months so we just speaker phoned them.

What a refreshing evening!

Thanks Tiki Tony! :)

Little one had her birthday today. After her party this afternoon we took her temp because she felt warm and sure enough she was just a little over a 100 so instead of going with all her cousins to another house she had to come with us. Many tears and comments of Unfair were uttered to her father and I. So sad it had to be on her birthday! But after she saw that the "boring adults" were having so much fun she simmered right down.

How fun to be at the party in your robe.

The next day we did get a little note from her saying....

"Mom and Dad, I just wanted to say I understand". Awhhh! Thanks baby!

We laughed hard. And it felt so good to just be crazy with the ones I know the best.

Thanks Jim and Shirley!

I not only love my family. Nights like this remind me that I like them a lot too!

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