Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Rescue

Have you ever wondered why bad things seem to come in clusters?
Like if the car breaks down the washer will too. And the kids must start acting out as well?
What is that?

Do you think it's just bad luck?
Do you wonder if you're doing something wrong?

It's easy to go down that road...Oh so easy to go there.

Sometimes the circumstance I'm facing is because of my own bad choices.
But then again sometimes it's not.
It's just plunked there in my lap as an unwelcome gift and I would like to return to sender!

If I only knew who that sender was!
Sometimes if I'm honest I decide the sender is the one who controls the universe and then things get really dark.
Because if he is behind all these shenanigans I'm not laughing and I don't think it's funny. At all.

So how do I cope?

How do we not lose our faith when the valley of the shadow is looming?

How do I move forward when all I feel like doing is staying in bed with the covers pulled high and tight right over my bed head?

This is what I have come to discover... The truth is the one who controls the universe could stop this pain. I know it. I have seen him work. But sometimes he doesn't do it the way I ask him to. And I don't like it. Do you ever wonder if when Jesus walked on earth he chose not to perform some miracles? Like he looked at the one girl in the corner and said, "Actually you need to learn from your sickness so I'm going to let you go through this one". That's hard to imagine. But all through history people have gotten sick. They've experienced war and famine and heartache of unimaginable proportions. And where was he? That great healer we sing of and exalt. The one who holds the universe in his hands.

I don't know answers to all those questions.
But this I do know.
He is here.
With us.
And he is accomplishing his purpose.
In my life.
And yours.
So when I face anxious circumstances that make me want to scream out....Not now! How can you do this to me or my loved one?
I have come to believe this now more than ever before...
He is not doing this to me. He is doing this with me.

He never promised us that here on earth he will take it away. But he did say he will walk it with us.
And that has become my hope I cling to in my valleys.
When it's my own fault.
And when it's not.
He is with me.
And if you are his...He is with you.
Know this today,
When you are at your weakest He has a chance to shine the most.

It's the place we have the opportunity to let his glory shine. Not at the top of the heap but at the bottom. Not always with bells and whistles but sometimes just a quiet strength. A peace in the middle of the storm.
It's really the place I found rescue.
And I believe he wants to do that for you too!

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