Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mary...The chosen Mother.

It's been just over a month since we celebrated the birth of Jesus come to earth.
I have been mulling over this thought all month.
Maybe it's because Christmas came on the heels of my adventure to Alabama where I heard wonderful teaching and inspirational women. I came home feeling encouraged.
But part of me often feels like I am so inferior to so many other women.
My thoughts can move very quickly to this...I need to do more.
I should be smarter.
Or more disciplined.
I often feel like I don't "do" enough.
On our family's night Celebrating Christmas we read the Story of the birth of Jesus from Luke's Gospel.
Freshman asked a question that started me thinking...
"Do you think this is Mary's account of the story?
Maybe she had remembered these things and years later recounted them to Luke"
"Mary Pondered these things in her heart"
It is so profoundly discreet.
If Mary had lived today would she have written a book?
Would she have told us the secret life of the mother of Jesus Christ.
A "how to" book on obedience in the face of the biggest challenge any would face.
I wonder.
Do I ponder?
Do I treasure?
When Something special happens do I just quietly remember?
I have a tendency to forget. And writing it down helps me to look back and remember.
Sometimes I am given permission to share my lessons with others. But at times he wants me to just treasure it up in my heart.
Those Things that should not be shared right now.
What I love is that Mary didn't take the credit that God the Father, had chosen her to be the Mother of his Son.
He looked down on all the women and chose Mary.
That certainly would qualify her to teach a Bible Study or speak on the subject of "purity in heart".
We would surely say The Anointing was on her.
What was it about Mary?
Was is that she was so gifted?
Did she draw thousands and minister to them through Bible teaching?
Did she have musical ability?
Was she head of local charities and organizations?
Was she a wise older woman?
She was a teenager.
And she was pure of heart.
God saw her heart.
Not her achievements.
How do I look for favor from the almighty?
Is it through quiet devotion?
Private worship?
Sitting at his feet?
Or is it through public demonstrations of goodness?
Or Bible Knowledge?
I have been moved by this picture of God's favored one.
It inspires me to be that kind of woman.
A woman who desires his praise more than mans.
If I focus on being that kind of girl...I will indeed be highly esteemed to the one who matters most!

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