Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Look what showed up at my house!

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"I'm so glad you could come". I carry on as my guests arrived. They carry in French Silk Pie. And my mouth waters.
It is such a cold, snowy night and yet they came. Waiting for them is Homemade pizza and Loaded potato soup, plenty of Chatter and Cards.
One child is missing. A fever. On the couch. We feel bad for him and will miss him.
"We have been so lucky to have made it through the season without any sickness". I say.

As the evening carries on there is plenty of laughter and banter.
We say goodnight and lock the door behind.

Sunday we wake ready for church. As we enter the sanctuary and I usher my little flock into the pew. When suddenly out of no where a tickle appears in my throat. How strange. All through church I try to stifle the cough. But it's not working.
Where did THAT come from?
That evening we have Super Bowl plans. After getting our children off to their own parties we arrive at our friends. It is there that I realize my stomach is feeling a little shifty. And by the end of the evening I have indeed come to terms with the fact that I am coming down with something.
It is now Tuesday. And I have been running a fever...banished mostly to my room for the last 36 hours.
It has been miserable. I have to pull the shades because the bright light makes me cry. Which is a shame because the sun is finally shining. We haven't seen that ball of fire for a while and it's too bad I have to block it out.

My main staple has been cream of wheat.
I heart Cream of Wheat. It's even better with some chocolate chunks melted into the milky, smooth cereal.

Why or Why do I make comments like "We have been so lucky to not have gotten any of those nasty bugs"?
When I'm sick I wonder what feeling well would be like. I refrain from embarrassing outbursts like "I want my mommy".
I do not wonder how I look because my children laugh like hyenas at my hair. Little one points and laughs hysterically encouraging all to come look, as though I'm a caged animal.
I don't care. I just want to stop chilling. Let them laugh. It brings a little humor to the situation.

And than I read my friend Carrie's story.

She has 2 of her 3 young sons in the hospital for pneumonia. The one that is at home with grandma has an ear infection. And did I mention, Carrie is not far from delivering her 4th child. Hubs is sick as well and one more thing...Carrie now has developed pink eye in both eyes!!! What a sad story! I am committing them to the Father and would invite you to do the same.

Tomorrow I plan to get up and act like none of this ever took place.

I did not invite this guest and I am ready for him to exit the building!
Hopefully Mr influenza is on board with that.

Meanwhile I shall be right here on the couch awaiting his departure.

Shew fly...Don't bother me!

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