Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's a slumber party!

It's Friday night. The weekend lies before you. Welcoming you like a cool breeze. When you're 15 it feels like Friday took forever to get here. It means freedom from books and routines even if for a couple of days. And there is no better thought than to spend your friday night at a slumber party.

Definition of Slumber party? It most certainly does not have anything to do with slumbering.
Can you remember what it felt like? The excitement of being invited. The late night snacks. The pranks. Games. Incessant talking. Movies. Mom's calling down the steps to "simmer it down"...others are trying to sleep. Morning headaches from little sleep. Sore necks from falling asleep on a chair.
It's all coming back.
I remember the parties. I remember. The Toilet Papering. The boy talk. The fits of giggles.
And now..
Now I have a 15-year-old. Who is doing the same thing. Except now I am the one who is making the food. And I am now the mom who "texts" her numerous messages of quieting down. Only to find out the next morning freshman can't find her phone.
I LOVE that she wants her friends to come over. I would prefer a night of sleeplessness over not knowing where she is any day.(Because let's be honest, if I didn't know where she was I wouldn't sleep at all!)
And as they work on a project together the next day with the little one closely watching and participating when she can. They listen to their "teen" music. And Taylor Swift comes on singing...Oh darling don't you ever grow up....

I quietly try to refrain from allowing my sentimental tears to drip down into the soup I am stirring. I remember that we have guests in the house and I wouldn't want to scare them with my sobs and snot.
The little one hums along.
I know the day is coming when they will be all grown up. And I will be left with sweet memories echoing through our home. Dancing in my mind, transporting me back to a time when life was busy and full and I will miss the noise.
I realize I only have about 3 1/2 years left of high school memories with Freshman.

I Don't want to miss a thing.

I am thankful for today.
For this moment.
And I intend to eat it up and lick the plate clean when I'm done.

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