Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's a Blizzard- ish


I don't live here because of the winter weather.

It's not a secret. I do not care for the long winters of Indiana.

And even more importantly I feel the lack of sun stunts my growth...I would have been much taller if I had lived in a sunny place.

But I do enjoy a blizzard that keeps everyone at home, beneath blankets and sipping Hot coffee. I kind of like all the comradery that I feel when the local channels all start broadcasting the big breaking news. Thundersnow is coming...we may get 16 or possibly 20 inches of snow. It feels like a holiday when I go to the store at 9:00 am and it's as full as the day before Thanksgiving. This sense that we are all going on this big trip...the whole county...and it's a little fun. I know it will be a cold trip but it's an adventure.

I get my cleaning done early in the day...just in case. Making sure dishes are washed and floors are swept in case I won't have electricity later on. The water cooler is filled and all is ready for the big snow.

All day I watch, waiting. I check the windows a dozen times to see if the white has begun. But it looks fine. Not a flurry. I wonder if once again the forecast has been wrong. It seems like they like to work everyone into a frenzy and then fail to meet the high expectations they have created in all of us . It's a common occurrence. So I wonder if it's happened once again. And hope not.

The first child arrives home 10 minutes late. I'll just watch from the window under my warm blanket. The second comes right after. And than about 20 minutes later all of a sudden out of no where the flakes arrive. Slowly at first but they increase rapidly. The winds are starting to increase as well and I see swirling snow dancing around my porch.

I still have 3 love bugs that need to get home. 1 hour later J arrives and right on his heels another child. 10 minutes later the last one busts through the doors after slipping and sliding up the drive. (With a sweatshirt...Her mother does not dress her any longer...and apparently teens do not NEED to wear actual winter coats...I kind of faintly remember those days) In order to fulfil my mother duty I chide for the lack of winter wear and thank the Lord for all my birds arriving safely home.

It continues well into the evening...The wind sounds angry and strong.The blowing is obstructing my view of the neighbors barn. I am glad to hear schools are already being called for tomorrow. It seems right to stay tucked in, forget any plans for the evening, day, week. We eat Tacos and sip hot drinks.

And act like it's a weekend because we know tomorrow will be like a Sunday with no church.

Little one seems especially helpful and excited.

We make homemade chips to eat with beans and salsa.

And settle in with Movies and games. Some do homework so they won't need to do it tomorrow.

We stay up way too late. Little one finally gives up and starts her little snore engine over on the chair.

After a night of hearing sleet on the windows and the wind howling like it was in misery we wake to drifts and quiet but nothing like predicted.

Never the less, it was enough to plug up the driveway.

J and the boys work hard at getting it cleared out.

After about 45 minutes our kind neighbor helped reduce the strain on the back.


He got stuck. No worries. Muscles there got him out.

And then there's Micah...

He had a plan.

That's right a head stand in the middle of the driveway.

While they were busy working...The girls were getting some breakfast.

Waffles by request...along with gravy's, Tomato and chipped ham gravy.

But I surprised them all by setting this out.

I know. Crazy huh? I don't know what overtook me...maybe it was all the snow. It just seemed like a celebration kind of morning.

This blizzard-ish has been a wonderful time indeed!

And you know what else? We just got a call... 2 hour delay for tomorrow!!

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