Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am Thankful to the owner

When it comes to Thanksgiving I think we can all look at our lives and say...
"We have much".
I'm not just talking stuff.
I mean we have so many riches it is beyond compare.
The kind of riches that no one can put a dollar amount on.
It's like looking into a Huge Box of priceless jewels and realizing what is really in the box.

My greatest riches are the little people that I am raising.
And the man that I said "yes" to.
I look at my heritage and the family that I came from as being a gem in my treasure box of jewels.
I think of my friends past and present that have each dropped a pearl into my box.
I think of simple things,
Like a ride in the car with a boy who is fast turning into a young man. His young mind trying to understand the world in ways that I am still trying to comprehend myself.
Or the admission from the little one as she helps make the food that "when she grows up she wants to be a lunch lady..so she needs practice in the kitchen." A reminder that I am still her hero...No matter what I do.
As I hear the sound of music coming from each room...Children practicing piano,guitar,drums...and Rap?
The accumulation of sound and breath and joyful praise makes me pause and say.
I am Rich.
When I sit with a friend and chat I know that I have been given a gift.
When My guy says "I'd pick you all over again". I realize that I am cherished and loved even though he knows my weak spots like no other.
This makes me feel like I am the richest gal on earth.

And Yet...
Somehow it's easy to believe I own it.
Like I deserve it.
That somehow I must have everyday what I have today.... always.
But I know in my heart the truth.

It is not mine to keep.
It is mine to enjoy.
Like a borrowed car or the rental I live in.
I am not promised that tomorrow the owner will not say..
"I must have it back".

The challenge to me becomes
"What does my response look like When He chooses to have what is rightfully his"?

Will I as Job say... "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, Blessed be the name of the Lord".
Or am I little more like that wife of his?
The one who said (In my words) Job, this is ridiculous! God is not the good God we thought him to be...Let's not talk to him anymore. He is not to be trusted.

Ahhh that I would be as Job. Who doesn't sin with his lips. Who praises God in the storm. Who blesses the Lord when the sun shines and when it rains.

May I have that kind of spirit this Thanksgiving and everyday.
One that holds loosely to all he has given me to enjoy.
It is His.

I am his.

And he is in control of it all.

I am thankful today that He is a good Father. He takes care of his children. And if you are his....
You are the richest person of all.
Because the owner who's loaning it to you...
He owns it all.

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