Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How great is your god?

Do you sense that we live in a world that is "dumbing down" The very one that causes it to spin?

My heart has become very convicted by it.

I don't know about you but I have become extremely aware of it all around me. And in me.

It's a slow fade. This whole thing of making God one of us. Like he has our intellect and thinks like we do.

A home boy. A playmate.

Someone we can curse. And disrespect. Who we can hide from.

A character removed that we can blame for unfair circumstances.

An unseen force that lacks power and is uninvolved.

I see it in myself when I complain for not getting my way. When it feels like he isn't acting quickly enough. So I pout or refuse to draw near him.

That will teach him...

Who am I that God should take counsel from me? Who am I that believes some how I don't deserve pain or hard times when He, the Magnificant, gigantic, mind blowing, no beginning no end God,signed up, to come walk this earth for 33 years and end up on a cross.

Who am I that I should darken who he is?

Who am I that I should question his plan for my life?

Who am I?

I almost always picture God on his throne when I go to him in worship. When I picture him in my head, I see him on his throne. Revelation says, He is on his throne, served day and night. Revelation 7:15. HE doesn't leave the throne!

His throne. A representation of power and authority.

He made the throne. He owns the throne. And he occupies the throne.

All the time!

WE HAVE NO IDEA How incredibly powerful this God we have been fashioned by is!

If we did we would not ask him why he does what he does. We would know that he is FAR superior to our teeny tiny intellect.

I am sure of it!

What does that mean? To me it means when I start respecting his position and mine before him(Which is servant, not master) I start to gain wisdom. Why? Because I recognize that I am the inferior. I need his counsel. Not the other way around. I draw near in awe of him because I am overcome with his Greatness. Not vice versa.

Psalm 111:10 (New International Version, ©2011)

10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;
all who follow his precepts have good understanding.
To him belongs eternal praise.

And he will give us wisdom when we ask. James 1 says he gives wisdom generously. But we must not doubt him. His wisdom is found in the pages of his book. We need to read it. Devour it. Again and Again. We must keep learning and remembering to look to his wisdom.

Would I even want to walk away if I believed he is who he says he is? Would I have the desire to promote myself if I am truly being the servant who believes the God of the universe holds me in his hand? One blink of his eye could

wipe. me. out.

And yet...

He loves us.

He is good to us.

He likes to be near us.

He prays for us.

Does that make you want to weep? It does me!

I can't believe that he would choose to bless me. To give me a place in his kingdom. To make room in his family for me.

I choose the fear of the Lord. He is so very deserving of it!

How great is your god?

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