Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Help yo' self honey!

Let's just say it...

School Lunch is not always the most appreciated.

Children who can't stomach the lumpy potatoes and the disgusting Mac n Cheese pack their little brown bags filled with Cookies, chips and A Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Well Not at our school.
No sir. I have been told we have the best lunches around.
And I am officially joining the ranks of Lunch Lady.

When I told my children that I will be working in the lunch room this year my 2 boys gave me very generous advice.
"Mom", My funny new 6th grader said, "when you're a lunch lady don't call kids Honey.Last year I went up to my lunch lady and asked for a fork, she lifted up her shirt to expose the belt around her mid section that held all the spoons and forks and said...'Help yo' self honey'. "Don't do that! Can you believe she called me honey? My friend over heard and I was teased all year about that!"

"Yeah", my soon to be 8th grader agreed. "Don't call anyone honey!"

Alrighty then!

So now I know.
No Honey.
And no telling anyone to help themselves to anything that's located on my person.
Very good advise from my Boys.

Yes I am pleased to serve your children. It will be a joy!
And I am currently, for a small fee, offering my spying eyes, for any and all parents who need a little feedback on your child's lunch habits. :)

Let the good times roll....

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