Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

One of my very favorite authors in the whole wide universe is Dr. Seuss!

I think he is fun and even has some really inspiring reads...Such as the "The Sneetches".

Love that story!

I read Green eggs and ham and Go dog Go more times than I can recount when My oldest two were little. At one point they could "read" it along with me after hearing it 345 times.

The next two were more interested in The three little pigs and Cinderella. Which may or may not speak into the personalities of my children....

Last night at dinner we were discussing memorization and freshman had a thought..."wouldn't the Bible be easier to memorize if it would have been written like Dr. Seuss. Everything rhyming."

That piqued the interest of middle child...who LOVES that sort of thing. His eyes instantly told on his creative mind. I knew any minute he would spew forth something of importance.

I waited expectantly.

And sure enough this is what he said..

" In the beginning, I do not lie, there was no land and there was no sky".

Or how about this?

" The world was dark like a deep black pit. No place to stand. No place to sit."

Oh! Oh! How about this one.

"God made man and woman perfect as could be. They were told not to eat from the forbidden tree."

Thank you Dr. Seuss for your inspiration in all our lives. You are the master of making up lines.

I like your wit. I like your style.

It brings your readers lots of smiles. :)

Happy Birthday.

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