Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A good Start to the day

Its 5:30am and I hear the door to my daughter's room creaking. She is heading over to the neighbors for her summer babysitting job. I roll over but sleep won't come. I grudgingly plod to the bath and soon the big guy follows. After a bit I decide to try once again to get a few more winks so I head back to bed. He heads down the steps. I lay there asking God what he has in store for today. Talking with him in the morning has become my favorite thing to do. I hear my phone alert me that I have a new text. It's from J. He's downstairs inviting me to join him on the front porch for a 20 minute coffee date. The smell of coffee is strong and I am delighted to think of sharing a cup with him on our porch. I pad down the stairs and head to the coffee machine. There's nothing like that first sip of coffee in the morning. MMMM! That's good!As we sit in silence for a few moments I watch the birds do their morning routine.Chirping and fighting for worms. I hear the distant sound of a whistle... A factory is beginning production. I smell the freshly cut hay. I feel the slightly cool but sticky air and I know it's gonna be a good day in Indiana.

I love these days. I wish they would last all year. But for today I am grateful to sit on the porch with the man I married. Knowing the little ones are snoozing in their beds and realizing how blessed I am to have been given so many rich gifts. I mentally check off my things to be grateful for list in my head.

~ Children who are growing to be more responsible and considerate.

~ Helping my mom get ready for her company...Many times while I was at my mom's house yesterday I was thinking and praying for my friend Leslie who is sitting at her mom's house beside her mama as she fights for her life.

~A husband who has worked long hard days this summer providing for us.

~ A God who is not distant.

~ Friends who have been faithful in their love and loyalty through the years.

~ A front porch.

~ Food in my cupboard.

~ Music that ministers to my soul.

~ Green Grass..Trees...Shrubs. Everything is so green!

~ Knowing that it's Friday and Sunday is 2 days away. I love Sunday!

~ Realizing that I have 6 more months until I'm 40. That's a long time to live!

I Like this start! I think its gonna be a good day!

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