Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giving Thanks, Chocolate Cake and Soup

So we've been loving the holidays.

We went to the tree lighting of a quaint little town we live close to. It was fun and nostalgic and a not too cold night. We ate some pretzels and rode the Carousel to end the evening.

And then a few days later it turned a little colder and rainy and it was time to break out the soup recipes. So I made this.

Potato soup with bread bowls. Nothing says get into my tummy on a cold and rainy day like a combo of potato's, cheese and bread.

This year I got to host Thanksgiving for my family.
I was so giddy.
I was never able to do this before because of the size of our dining room and table. But here we have room to spread out so have it I did.

We fried us a turkey. It was also a first. And I liked it. Especially the fried parts. :/ But seriously I would recommend it. Thaw your turkey completely. Rub it with whatever seasoning you like, plus Tender Quick. We fried it in Peanut oil for 1 hour. Fair warning: Peanut oil is like Gold. You will pay for your oil. But you can reuse it again if you want to fry anymore throughout the season.

I had fun finding natural centerpieces. And branches that we used for our Thanksgiving Tree.

We made name tags with some spray paint, raffia, and Clothes pins.

And Candy that was so simple it makes me cry!

These are rolos on top of waffle pretzels. Simple and Cute little turtles. Just place the rolo on top of the pretzel. Melt in a 200 degree oven for 4 minutes. Remove from heat and place pecans on top. They are something else.

And these little gems...well try to stop eating them! It's a hugs kiss on top of a waffle pretzel. Melt in oven at 200 degree for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and top with another.
Much easier then dipping pretzels and I think they are just as good.

The place we are temporarily staying in happens to have an indoor basketball court. It's very fun. So the uncles and nephews went out after the turkey had settled to burn off some of that pumpkin pie. Well the little one did get a few shots before the boys started playing.

It made me sweat just watching them.

Look at that form! I think I compulsively yelled "You're Hot" about right here.

I may have yelled out a time or two when I thought my son was being unfairly beaten up. It just slipped out. I don't know what else to say. I'm sure my 14 year old man child was proud.

You can see it was all very serious.

Kami and Megan watching and smiling from the "bleachers".

Grandpa even got in for a quarter. Watch out for his wicked hook shot.
We grew up on basketball . My brothers played this all the time. It is still the sport I know and love to watch best.

Lauren and Malaina snuggled in trying to stay warm.

And then my funny guy turned 12 over the weekend.

Next year he will officially be my 3rd teen.
Can not believe that.
But this year he took an interest in the banjo. Last summer he had been looking online for one. I stored that away in my bank of things I keep stored somewhere in my brain. And that's what we ordered him. Although I know nothing about banjos I think they're fun to listen to. So have at it preteen. Teach yourself every instrument. I would be deeelighted!

He requested Chocolate cake.So this is my amateur cake.
Trust me it tastes ALOT better then it looks.

Chocolate cake with a chocolate fluff filling and chocolate butter cream icing.

Is your mouth watering?

Do you want the recipe?

How about I give you a Cake already baked?

Yes I'm going to give away a free Chocolate cake today.
Just because I can.
And want to.
But you must live local for this giveaway since I wouldn't know how to ship this without making a big mess.
So unfortunately if I can't get to your house in a 1/2 hour you can't win today.
:( Sorry!

Just leave me a comment and I will pick a winner next Tuesday, December 6.

Have a wonderful day and Good Luck!!


  1. Love that idea to go to get pretzels and rides!!!

    Loved the beautiful thanksgiving table decor..and the name cards were very creative and cute.

    The birthday cake looks wonderful and yummy! Did you make that banjo???? WOW!! Cute!

    Thanks for the candy makin' ideas. I love rolos!!!!

    And YO! Sign me up for that cake!!

    xoxox, Heather

  2. Love all your decorations....very beautiful! I cannot wait to try your yummy pretzel ideas. I enjoy going home to my family with new yummy treats to share...these babies will sure be on my list!;). I am not sure where u moved but I am pretty sure that choc cake would fit perfect on my counter top. Hopefully I am in the range.:). Happy holidays Rose.

  3. I love how you fit that table through two rooms. I also love how that cake will taste! Sign me up for your yummy creation!


  4. I miss you in our neighborhood! "Your" house got new shingles, it looks very nice-I was so hoping the new peeps would love you house as much as you did! I remember once I got some amazing caramels from you, surely a cake would make it seem like I am stuffing the ballot box.... I'd at least like the recipe. Love the name tags, so, so cute!
    Linda B.

  5. Your table is beautiful, Rose. It looks like the clan had a great time. So much to be thankful for!

    And this crowd bleeds chocolate (all except me), so they'd love to have that cake. My polls would spike. Seriously!

    Waving and smiling,



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