Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get out of that boat

It could be classified as one of the worst days you had to face. The most awful nightmare had happened.

Your cousin has been arrested and beheaded. I don't know how to type that any kinder. It was horrific! The one who you were close to in so many ways. The one who really got who you were and what you were about. The news is hard to swallow.

And so Jesus removes himself for a few moments from ministering to people in order to be alone to grieve. But they follow him. They beg him to heal their sick and meet their physical needs. Some had traveled for miles. Jesus has compassion on them so he begins to heal them. But it's getting later and the people are now hungry. The people were far from home. He feels mercy again. He tells his disciples, "You feed them".

As it ends up the disciples bring him five loaves and 2 fish. Jesus blesses the food and it multiples.
After this Jesus sends his disciples across the lake in a boat and tells them he will meet them later. He needed time alone with his Father.

So the disciples head out. Only to encounter the storm of their lives. Waves are rocking them silly. They may have likely been thinking of their impending death. It was out of control!

And then Jesus enters...on the water.

He tells them who he is and encourages them not to be afraid.

Peter feeling brave with Jesus so close calls out, "Can I come to you?" And Jesus says "Yes come".

Peter hops out, and starts to walk on the water. Maybe he was waving and smiling. And then...oopsie daisy... he realizes he is doing the impossible. It is at that point he starts to go down, down, down.

He yells out asking Jesus to Save him. And Jesus reaches down and pulls him up.

Chiding "Don't doubt. My faithless child".

Do you see that picture in your head? I mean here is this grown man hopping out of a boat with full confidence. I'm sure there was some adrenaline pumping. And who knows maybe the boat was taking on water. I'm picturing a pretty wet scene.

Here comes Jesus the one who had been healing people all day long. Peter had helped gather food and then watched as the Master instantly produced more right in front of his eyes. So walking on the water was just a great way to end the day!

How many more miracles would Jesus have to do in order for Peter to fully trust his power?

How often do I lack full confidence as I step out of the boat because in my heart I'm afraid this may be the time that Jesus forgets to help me with the impossible?

Or Maybe this...

Am I putting my faith in my own ability instead of his? And how's that working for me?

I watched a video of someone explaining this chapter one time. He raised the question... was the reason Peter sank because he didn't believe in himself? Maybe Peter didn't have enough faith in his own ability. Jesus has faith in us.

Does that make any bells go off in your head?

Yes. Mine too.

Jesus has never told us he has faith in us. That's the point of him being the Savior. I don't have a fighting chance in this journey if I am dependent upon my faith in what I can do apart from what he does through me.

"I can do all things....Through Christ....Who strengthens me." phil 4:13. It's Key.

I have been Peter in many ways. This area not withstanding.

It is real in my life.

When I stepped out of that boat I sank down to a watery pit. I truly believed I was going to drown. And I truly believe I would have. Except for Jesus.

I cried out to him at the top of my lungs. I asked him to save me from the pit I was in. He gently picked up my broken, body and said, "My precious girl, have faith in me". I literally laid the Bible over my chest to the passage he gave me as His promise to me.I read and reread his words of hope and rescue.

It is what brought me healing. It is what saved me from the pit I was in.

No amount of talking myself out of the pit helped.

Only Him.

He has been my Salvation and I can't help but put my trust in him.

Is he asking you to step out of the boat today? Do you trust him enough to run across the water to him?

If you start to sink do you know that you can't save you?

No amount of faith in yourself will make you walk again. Only your faith in the person of Jesus Christ.

He will be your only rescue.

I tell you all this because I not only read the words in Matthew 14, I have journeyed them. And I will again.

Hopefully the next time Jesus tells me to step out I will skip across the waves knowing that he is in full command of the threatening force.

I have learned to trust him because of the waves. Not in spite of them.

He showed me that he is Mighty to Save.

So The question I ask today is this...

How many more miracles would Jesus have to do for you to fully trust his power?

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