Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flash Back

The other day I uncovered a treasure chest of old memories. It was not the kind that you might find on Antique Road Show but it was the sum of my childhood. The thing that I spent probably more time at than anything else.

I found my old paper dolls.

And I introduced little one to them.

Like Stella here...Awhh I loved Stella!

Or the Pork n Bean Twins...

I remembered many of their names and some of the clothes as well.

Denim Deb...She was the whole package! I wanted to look just like Deb when I grew up. She had the prettiest clothes and Red hair you ever did see!

The Gingham sisters in their petticoats.

You will notice many of the dolls had neck issues. Many of them had already been decapitated because of weak necks. So most wore braces to support the spinal column. Tape worked beautifully for that.

The Sunshine Family. The baby was my favorite. I had both sets of sunshine families. African-American and Caucasian. I can't seem to find the granny from the White Family...May she rest in peace.

It was a warm feeling. Not the kind that makes you worry you may have wet your pants but the kind that embraces you in a big envelope of a pleasant memory. The kind that makes you feel nostalgic and wish for one more day of childhood.

And as I watched little one play and sort and oooo and ahhhh I grinned. And when she took them and played with them for several hours I smiled in remembrance of how I would go off alone and play make believe. And I hoped that one day she will feel warm and child like when she uncovers her boxes of by gone memories.

And she will have boxes...she's a saver that one is. Even of questionable items such as straws and discarded gum wrappers. I hide things from her... or she will pack it away as a treasure in some location. :) I'm sure her sentimental streak comes straight from my gene pool. I have no question about that.

So I relive as I see her live out her childhood.

And I smile.

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