Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Camp of the year

Memorial Day weekend we took our little family and headed up north to camp.
We met a group of friends up there.
It was 4 families with 4 kids each...we make quite a tribe. :)
I like camping.

I really liked camping as a kid.
And that's mostly why I still go. Because I have kids. And they like it.
Don't get me wrong I love being with our camping buddies 24/7...Sitting around the fire and roasting things.
But it is work.

On Sunday night the camp directors came around telling us that winds of 60 mph were expected. So everyone was to come to the shelter.
Well someone in our group had already hatched another plan...
We had spotted an ice cream place on our way up that looked like it could house all of us, so we loaded up and headed out.
All 24 of us!

The ice cream was amazing!

And it felt more comforting to be in a building.
After 20 minutes or so the storm blew over and we headed back to camp.
The weekend ended with sunshine on Monday.
Just in time to take a COLD dip into the pool. (My feet were all that got dipped...WAY too cold!)

It was a great time.
I love this time of year!

Even with the storms!

I love coming back home to my house and bed.

I love making memories with the little people who are getting bigger every day!

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