Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreaming about the future...

I have been thinking about some things lately.

Things like...
~What do I want my house to say when people walk through the doors.
~Where should I set my antique cabinets.
~Will my old furniture work in my new house.
~I wonder if our house will close this week....WHAT!!!! It's still not closed? I assume that's the response you had because that's a pretty typical one I get these days. Yes, it's been over 30 days since we were told we must move out because it was going to close by October 15. And we wait... And we pray. And we try not to think about all that we could have saved. And we try to learn whatever it is that we are supposed to get in this process.

So that's that.

But back to future planning.

I have been weighing all the decisions that comes with building.
And the most important is.

How does my building honor Jesus.
How will he be glorified in this?
I really think he can be.
I just want to remember it's his house. What does he want it to look like?

Creating something out of nothing is so exciting. I can't
even imagine how the Creator must have felt when he had this canvas of nothingness and just BAM there it was, a star here, a waterfall there. How he must have stood back
and smiled as it all took shape!

So I want this home to be just another way people
are drawn into relationship with him.

And as I look at picture after picture of magnificent homes I try to remember it's his, what would he want?

What is my motive in what I choose?

I think hospitality and a warm inviting environment is top. What makes someone feel like coming in and propping up their feet? How do I show gracious warmth in my spirit and home?
Our previous house had a front porch. We LOVE front porches!
There is something so perfectly peaceful and yesteryear about sitting there drinking tea and watching the world go by while chatting about the day with a friend.
I have been trying to figure out my style.

Cindy Mandernach eclectic laundry room

I think I would have a chandelier in every room if it were socially acceptable.

I am an eclectic styler. Which basically means I can mix and match anything I want and call it style.
I don't fall into just one category. Cottage is lovely! It's just if I'm not building a cottage it may not work.
I love Pottery Barn.
I think barn stuff is cool.
I like unusual, and often nontraditional.
But then again I like straight lines like mission style.
It's all very complex.

Does this door say "Howdy" and "how are ya" or what? I like!

And of course you know I like fixing up old things.
Isn't this fun?
It may get kids to actually wash their hands!

The verdict is still out on the kitchen...Black, Cherry, Distressed cream, Dark Maple. We are leaning toward changing it up a bit with several woods and stains.

I think the mix is yummy! The floor could be darker. And the lines on the cabinets are a little too fancy.

I know I am drawn to soft color and dark woods. I love mixing wood and mortar together...whether its bricks or stone.

That floor is perfect!

As I ask people who have built what they would do different. From like 98% I have heard...I would change my laundry room.
Rie eclectic laundry room

So I ask how?
More space. Or some have advised Square it off instead of a walk through. I'm trying to figure out how I can do that on our plan.

I think cream colors and wrought iron is fantastic!
Vintage Cottage eclectic laundry room

And we will most certainly have a mud room.
For mud. And other stuff that falls off my kids.
Pantry eclectic entry

HELLOOO pretty room!!!
Dreamy Whites eclectic dining room

I am crazy about this room.
However,I am not crazy about the ladder. It looks like a big fat accident waiting to happen. And really maybe they should have just put it away after they were finished painting the ceiling.

I think faces of people I adore on a wall are the best art money could buy!
Photo focal point wall in new living room eclectic living room

And my sweet little one came down crying again this morning because she misses her play house :( Awwwh baby! Daddy will build you another one!
play house traditional kids

I think this space below is cozy and dreamy!
I'm just sayin'
Montana mix eclectic living room

I could totally make myself at home here!
Montana mix eclectic living room

It's so much fun to dream...

I'm sure there will be many dreams that never touch reality.
But that's why we dream.

And since I've started this post we got word that our house on 24 is scheduled to close tomorrow at 3 o clock!
And that my friends will be a very good dream come true!


  1. Congrats on the house selling! Breathing a sigh of relief with you.

  2. Thanks for leaving your footprint Rhonda:)

  3. Building a house is likely something I will never get the opportunity to do. We bought our house, not because we loved the house, but because we loved the location and can't imagine ever living anywhere else. And over the years, we have tried to put our touch on our house...but there are some things that I will just never like about it! We lack a front porch. I know, sad, right? And we have a beautiful pastoral view...but no porch. I LOVE the pic of the front porch with the rocking chairs that you have on this post. I'm liking what I see of your style! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Hey Kathy~In the past We have always fixed up houses as well. It sure is fun to see rooms take shape no matter if you built it from the ground or are just rearranging it! The perk of my husbands profession is that he will do the majority of the building. Maybe you can get you some rocking chairs and sit in your front lawn with the view:)

  5. I love your pictures!!!! and your style. AND YOU!!! <3 Great inspiration my friend. Can't wait to see that hole get into the ground. :) Heather


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