Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do you see what I see?

(I think you may need to click on the red x to see the picture...having trouble with it)

Are you familiar with this slogan? I mean of course you are! You can't live in the United States and not at some point have encountered this truck!

Several weeks ago my son and I were busily trying to get to a baseball game and suddenly came upon this truck.

He said, "Mom do you see the arrow?"

Me: What arrow?

He: Right there. Between the E and X.

Me: What are you talking about?

He: It's right there, mom. It's so obvious!

I looked for an arrow but one pointing parallel with the rest of the letters. For almost a minute I thought I was losing my mind! He kept repeating "It's right there mom!" To be fair I was navigating a vehicle while trying to see this mysterious arrow. It was crazy!

But then all of a sudden I spotted it. The arrow between The E and X. You may have thought I won a thousand dollars. It was so exciting to spot. We laughed together at my blindness.

Of course I thought instantly of a life example to feed my son. You can't let these moments pass.

Do you ever feel like you're missing the arrow? Like when you are in a situation where you and at least one other person are staring at the exact same thing but you see two different things.

You see the arrow.

You know you do.

But they don't.

And you can't get them to see it.

What happens next? Would it have helped me if he would have started calling me names for not spotting it?

Would it have helped him if I would have started calling him names for lieing and deceiving me about the arrow?

What is most helpful?

Hmmmm...You treckin with me?

I think there are far too many times when we haven't tried to find the arrow because we don't like to be wrong. We like to be the one to point out the arrows and when someone ...like a child...or worse someone who doesn't respect us much to begin with... comes along and enlightens us it feels a little intimidating. And so we just refuse to see what they are talking about. We just call them names. Or dismiss them because they aren't as enlightened as we feel we are.

We stop looking altogether. Because really if we see it from their point of view it will just mess up our whole theory and it takes a whole lot of energy re-routing our path.

And what if I'm Wrong? How will that make me look? Can I say "I was wrong?"

It stinks to be wrong!

I don't know of one person that enjoys that! But to admit it proves one to be the wise teacher.

And what if I am the one seeing the arrow?

But you can't.

What does it mean to be gracious when I know something that someone else has not yet grasped?

Would it be wise of me to tell you how ignorant you are? Would you receive that well?


I wouldn't.

To be a peacemaker I will do what I can to lovingly help you see the arrow but if you refuse I must back away. Sticking your nose up next to the truck is not going to help as much as I may want to. Guilt doesn't work. Manipulation won't do it.

I Can pray that God will show you what I can't and then I can only stand back and wait for you to find it for yourself.

Also not fun.

But it is relationships 101.

Giving grace as I have received it.

Saying I was wrong when I am. Or maybe even if I don't realize it yet...I can say,"I might be wrong".

It makes us better people to live with when we treat others the way we want to be treated.

I think the golden rule is a good measure when you and I are staring at the FedEx truck.

~Do unto others as you would have them do unto you~

p.s. Do you think it's ironic a FedEx truck just went by my house?

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