Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Didn't see that coming

We have lots of trains around here.

I'm not a fan of waiting on trains.

I do everything I can to avoid them. In fact Sometimes I drive out of my way to make sure I don't have to sit and wait. My theory is ...At least I'm moving!

But sometimes I get right up to a track and the light starts blinking and the arms go down and there I sit stuck waiting on that train.

I didn't see it coming.

And if I am intent on getting somewhere it makes me crazy. I try to occupy my thoughts so I don't focus on the inconvenience that is currently traveling at an all too slow of speed in front of my vehicle.

Trains aren't the only things that I don't see coming. At times I am completely taken off guard by other circumstances in my life and it's not that easy to just "occupy" my thoughts as I wait for the inconvenience to pass. Sometimes the intensity of the situation


and I am left with a large question mark...

What now?

I didn't see that coming.

And all the what if's and why now's come marching in a parade blowing their horns. There is no candy in this parade. No sweet drippings. Only loud noises and confusing messages.

So I look up to my papa and say, "Is there room on your lap for me? I'm scared. And I don't like these loud noises. "

And he always says, "Yes come... Come sit, I will give you rest. Wait here while I make all things new".

And sometimes the thing that makes us tremble the most becomes the exact thing he uses to build something new in us.

The things that hit us out of the blue are never out of his control.

I am believing this today.

"Be still" when all is crashing in.

"Be still" When the waters rise.

"Be still" When the noise is more than you can stand.

"Be still and know that I am God". ps 46:10

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