Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did you know you're a super hero?

IT has been said that our enemy seeks to get us one of two ways...
Either through
He knows he can't have our soul but he sure can keep us tied up.
Either through our ultra busy schedules or his accusations that keep us bound by guilt, shame,or humiliation.
The accuser is nasty and he comes at times when we may least expect him.
Like after a victory or a great accomplishment.
Maybe it's after a time of intense intimacy with Jesus.

He sneaks in to the party uninvited and starts to whisper in your ear.
"Who do you think you are? You aren't anything. If everyone knew that you messed up yesterday they would recognize that you really have nothing to bring to this party".
He keeps us low and discouraged.
He makes us feel insecure and fearful.
Because he knows if we really knew the kind of power God has given us we would tear him to shreds.
So the coward makes us believe we are the coward.
"Don't say anything....Only perfect people are allowed to talk. Sit in the corner and feel miserable about your lack of perfectness." Yes he knows that will keep us ineffective.
"Feel sorry for yourself...that will make you feel better". Oh he loves to make us the victim.
"You deserve to hold that grudge....they need to pay for the way they behaved". This one is a sure poison eating like a worm at our soul.
"Don't you dare confess that sin... if people know that about you they will stone you behind your back." He LOVES it when we keep sin hidden.
"You're just not as good as..." Oh my! He likes to tempt us to compare ourselves with others!
The accuser attacks us because he is Scared of us!
He saw.
He still sees.
Not our power and smartness but the power of Jesus.
And that is EXACTLY what he doesn't want us to use.
Jesus gave us grace by giving us what we didn't deserve.
And he also gave us power.
Like a superhero!!
The power that raised Jesus from the dead is in the life of every true believer!
It's the power to crucify the flesh when we are tempted to walk in it.
It's the power to confess our sins when we fail.
It's the power to forgive as we have been forgiven.
It's the power to live life, however hard our circumstances may seem, with a peaceful presence.
It's the power to move mountains.
It's the power to stand strong in persecution.
It's the power to be humble and broken.
And it's the power to tell the nasty old accuser to hit the road!!
If you find yourself in this place today. Know that you are not alone.
I too, face the father of lies...he is on my doorstep waiting to get his foot in.
...Cause I just kicked him out... yesterday...again.
And I know that I will battle him until the day I am safe in the arms of the one who saved me from him.

And for today?
I am so very grateful for God's daily sufficient Grace!

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