Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Date with Impulse

I am an impulsive person. It's my personality. I try to keep it under control because it doesn't really aid in running a tight ship with 4 children to nurture. (Who am I kidding there is no tight ship here).

I admit it. I'm weak. Weak I tell you. Especially when it comes to this little secret...That I tell everyone.

I L.O.V.E. painting....unless it's white.

I hate painting white. Especially if I'm painting over an already white wall. It feels pointless and blah.

It's not just the actual painting but I love the way a room feels right after it's been painted.

So clean and Fresh!

I don't think it's just the paint fumes that make me feel like I'm on a high....Its the adrenalin pulsing through my veins!

It's just simply one of my favorite little hobbies.

But the really weird thing is, I usually think I should paint something, but then it grows on me slowly...I may or may not have the bucket of paint already purchased. Often not, because that would take planning ahead. So I will keep that little lingering thought in the back of my noggin for weeks, months and sometimes up to a year. Until one day just out of the blue I feel it. I know it's the day and I plunge in.

That happened to me last week.
I had been toying with the idea of repainting my downstairs bath for a long time. It was never the right color blue. About 3 years ago I tried to redeem it by adding yellow. I thought it would be cheery and sweet. But I never fully embraced it. I just put up with it.

My bedroom is lazy gray and I LOVE it. It's been this color for 3 years. Which is record-setting because we have lived in our home for 8 and that bedroom has seen 3 colors! So to have kept this color means I really have developed a relationship.

But who goes to my bedroom? Except the occasional person who pretends they are interested in purchasing our home.

So it was decided then...Lazy Gray it shall be. Which is perfect because I had an extra gallon sitting in my basement waiting to be unsealed and used up.

So after Bible Study on Thursday I am talking to J on the phone. He asked what I was going to do the rest of the day and for some unknown reason I said, "I think I'll paint the bathroom". And there it was. My decision had been made. No thinking through it. Just impulse.

So....I started at 12:36.

I think I forgot to mention that I had added a border when I added the yellow. Yuck!

So that came down first.

This was what it looked like at 1:11

By 3:00 I had finished all but the too high places that neither my arms or ladder would reach. Since it doesn't work to jump and paint at the same time I decided to leave that little tiny portion to my tall husband.

I was so so excited to have it completed by 5:00.

I went out the next day and purchased a new shower curtain. I LOVE a white curtain. It makes me feel so clean.

And then I decided to paint a picture for a splash of color. So I did this picture below on Saturday.

I love me a freshly painted clean bath.

I think My master bath is next on the list.

Its been calling my name...someday in the very new future I shall have a session in there.

You will be the first to see before / after photos.

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