Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It's Monday and we are on our way to school. I am alone with Micah for the last 5 minutes. I Love that time we have together every day.

He: "Mom I am nervous about the spelling bee today".

Me: "What are you most nervous about?"

He: "Do you think God cares if I win?"

Me: "I think God cares how you win".

He: "Huh?"

Me: "God doesn't see winning and losing like we do. He sees our hearts. Our character. If we win well and if we lose well. That's what I mean".

He has been working hard at his spelling bee words, and he made it to his fifth grade spelling bee. There were 24 kids chosen, 2 from each class.

He has a really great friend Andrew from his class that got chosen as well. And his friend Isabella from small group was another contestant.

It was quite dramatic. At one point he was given the word to spell and he dropped his head which hit the microphone. It must have knocked the word right into his brain because He spelled it correctly. His next word was "necessity". Which is ironic since this is the word he got out on in a preliminary round for the spelling bee.

He stayed in round after round. Cheering for his friends as they got their words right.

Down to the top 10 and he was still holding on. Making his mama's heart pound fast every time he stepped to the mic.

Now down to the final 4. His friend Andrew is still standing.

Andrew's turn to spell...He came so close but missed it by a letter.

Down to 3. I can't believe this kid of mine! Who taught him to spell?

Spell check is my BFF...jus sayin!

And now it's only one little girl and my Micah. Oh my! Biting my nails.
And then the sweet little Amish girl was asked to spell Despicable. There was an audible gasp from the crowd because we all know "despicable me".. the new movie out on DVD. And Micah had happened to use his Christmas money to purchase it. He had studied the outside cover on this DVD for DAYS. So that word would be a cinch! The crowd was practically spelling it in a whispered hush.

But this little girl would not have had such an opportunity. Since Amish don't have DVD players or perhaps know the new movies that are out. And as she spelled the word missing one letter the whispers around me grew louder. They knew. And from the look on my sons face, I knew he did too.

And so he had to spell the word. And then one more to win. He spelled Despicable correctly and then the word given to him was

Raspberry. That's right. He won with Raspberry.

And his mama sat smiling at him as he was presented with the ribbon and the opportunity to go on to the county spelling bee next week.

He will compete with 5,6,7,and 8th graders.

He told me after his bus ride the next day that people were just staring at him. It made him feel fuzzy and awkward all at the same time.

I think he's pretty special. But not because he can spell despicable or any other word.

Naw...I think he's special because he cheered for others successes and almost cried when his buddy lost.

I think God mostly just saw that and clapped loudest for the real winners. The ones who show good character no matter the outcome of the contest. His children who love others with sincerity and genuine care.

And for that I am most proud of my young man child today.

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