Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas in July

Well guess what?
I still blog.
Let me introduce myself... My name is RosyRose and I like to write in this little blog and sometimes I record events that I want to remember.
This past week was one of those. Every July we look forward to spending time with Jason's family.
He comes from a tribe of 9. And let me tell you it's a noisy mess when we all get together. But I think it's pretty cool how the nieces and nephews still try to come...I love the stuffing out of those kids!
Who many by the way are no longer kids. It's the weirdest thing but they are catching me...Almost 30~~Some of them are! Having babies... I love it! We are missing 5 of the grandkids in this picture. We missed you Monica, Janae, Jeremy and Kim! Sharon was already gone when we took this.
So this year Jason's oldest brother Steve and his wonderful wife Deb hosted in their new home town in North Carolina. When they said we could come we very quickly accepted. We made our way across the country up through the hills of West Virginia.

It was a scary night. Mountains + Torrential rain + Hail + Dusk = SCARED.TO.DEATH!

Very tense driving for awhile. I was praying for all I was worth and encouraging Jason that I wouldn't mind if he'd stop. He seemed to think he could follow the tail lights in front of us and be fine. I doubted. And sat white knuckled. But he was right we did make it. But an hour later than we hoped because of the weather.
When we arrived it was dark. But if it would have still been light this is what we would have seen.
If you notice up above it says..."You're gonna LOVE this place".
And we did!
It was simply breath-taking!
In the morning I got up early to see the sun rise. Well there were a couple early birds already up...making some yummy muffins!
Look at those little honeys! How can you resist that?
So after sitting on the balcony (which is pictured above) a spell. Some of us decided to go pick blueberries in the 80 + morning temps...Yikes!
We talked about missing Jason's mother and how much she would have loved picking. We figured she may be picking for the king's table right then.
We drove to this sweet little place to pick. It had this shack at the patch which I was tempted to dig up and take home with me..It was that cute! I also considered retaking my senior pictures but decided against it when I remembered an elderly lady asked if I was my mom's sister last week. Really? What is that about?

It was a Very cute barn.
And we got such a chuckle out of this sign...encouraging people to "blow their horns".
We picked blueberries until we started passing out like Tennessee fainting goats and decided it was time to head home.
What a lively group!
We spent several hours at a mine finding some pretty rocks. They told us we could find some Very expensive gems... Did not happen. But it was a ton of fun for the kids. And Rocks travel well. They make great pets. So it worked out okay.
In the evening we hung out and initiated the new guy...Jonathon.Well he's not really new. I mean he married Jason's niece Amber 2 years ago and they now have this sweet sassafras, Jada, who everyone wants to hold, talk to and squeeze... I mean good grief can you blame us? She is such a heart stealer! She made Jason a great-uncle.
I think she probably liked me best. The reason I know this is because whenever I held her she said "mommy" most of the time. Which some could interpret that she actually wanted her mommy. I decided it was because she liked me that much! :)
There is always so many conversations and games going on. You just need to pick which one you want to jump into...Watch out!

Jalen and James.
Zaundra...aka...Julia Roberts and her dad Jon...my lone brother-in-law on this side.
With Jason's sister Zonya.
Jason and his oldest nephew Justin....
And of course there is always work to be done. The little one was a busy bee..stirring the pot.
These 2 have been friends since birth. They still love to hang out with each other. I love that! Malaina and Neil.

And before we knew it..it was time to pack back up and take off.
We certainly did love it there.

North Carolina is a little piece of heaven! I think we may need to go back soon.
After we left we traveled on down to the low country. But that's for another day.

Jason and I feel so very blessed to have come from 2 family's of rich Godly heritage. I take it for granted far too often. It's times like these that help us remember to pause and thank God for this blessing. I love how the next generation is serious about the important things. They are running their races in different places but all for the same prize.
Until next year...when we will be making more memories in Pennsylvania!

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