Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Calling all No bodies

You know what I think?
I think most of us have something inside that cheers for the underdog.

I mean really who cares if a famous person has a child that grows up and becomes famous? We expect that. A king's son is the one who will take the throne. A famous singer will have a child with the name behind him and what do ya know...they too get the spotlight and record deals.
But what about an average, hard-working person who has no background, no money, no power... when over night they become a success we cheer and all talk about how exciting this is.
It's all over the news.
Who doesn't like a cinderella story?
My favorite movies and books almost without exception take a nobody and turn them into a somebody.

The stories I read in the Bible that hold that kind of fascination for me are David and Esther. Average people like Moses and Abraham. Women like Ruth and Mary. It's the disciples that he called.... Matthew and Mark, Peter and John.
Not people of royal birth... just people like you and I.
And yet he called them to do great things. And we still talk about them today.

Jason and I were at a pastors conference in Texas a couple of years back. It was a small conference of about 50 - 75 couples but there were some "big" name speakers at the conference. People like Howard Hendricks and the president of Moody, Michael Easley.
We had dinner one evening seated at a table with 2 other couples. One pastor and his wife were from a church in Dallas.They were very nice but quite soon after we started getting acquainted I made a discovery. This was a young man who had high aspiration of climbing the church rank and status ladder. He wanted to know what church we were from and how many attended. After realizing we couldn't do much for his aspirations I felt his attentions were no longer on our conversation as he started looking over our heads like he was straining to see the "big dogs". He appeared to be looking for the somebody in the room. People that could make his own dreams come true.

I think God strains to look for the nobodies in the room.
Without exception he personally calls each of us to follow him. Both People of royal and pauper positions.
But when Jesus walked the earth it was people like Peter, the fisherman, who he called by name.
And the children were the ones he held and said we must be like. He didn't tell us to try to be like the important teachers but the little children.
The nobodies.
The powerless.

People who find no self-esteem from our name, position, wealth or rank.

Rather people who find their esteem only in knowing him.
I think that's why he called David, the shepherd boy, and claimed he had a heart like his Father's.
David did not see himself as mighty king and so try to make it happen. He saw himself as the shepherd who cared for his father's flock. Routing out the lions and bears. Keeping the little flock safe.
I believe that's why God esteemed him.
Because he did not esteem himself.

And in the process God took that little boy and made him king.
Turning his name from a nobody into a somebody.

God always does that.
If we let him.
He takes average normal( and sometimes abnormal :p ) people and makes them royal.
If you esteem him he esteems you as royalty.
Oh my.
That is some kind of story.
I think it's the kind that should make the front page.
You are his and that makes you on the most amazing list of somebodies you'll ever find.
We don't have to look for it.
He's already got that covered.
Instead accept it...

and spread the news that he's looking for more nobodies to add to His wedding feast!

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