Tuesday, November 8, 2011

But Why?

Do you have children? Or been around them much?
What is their favorite question?
And often it is asked with a slight lilt in the voice.
It can drive a mama up the crazy tree.Which is why parents will often resort to the age-old...
"BECAUSE I said so"!
MMm Hmm. That's right. Because I said so!
And that's that.
I have been reminded by pastors sermons the past few weeks how I have not always grown up in that area.
Sometimes I like to know why.
Why God?
Why me?
Why didn't you answer that situation the way I wanted?

But this is the deal...
If I get caught up on the why I miss the what.

When did I start thinking that God had to explain the why to me?
Like somehow he should have to explain everything to my understanding.

If I instead say....
What?What did you want me to learn from this?
What do you have in mind next?
What do you have to say about that.
I will become a lot less frustrated with trying to figure out the why.
I will be able to follow Jesus for who he really is and not for who I want him to be.

Which if I'm being honest with you I will say that I wish life would have no pain or suffering or death or dishes or anything that brings me discomfort and stretches my patience.
And when it's not like that.... And my circumstance start to feel overwhelming and sad I wonder if Jesus is going to be "good" to me like everyone says he is when he answers in the way they prayed.... And it turns out happy.... And "God is good" is heard all over.... It makes me turn to why?
Lets just say it...sometimes Jesus gives us some Hard pills to swallow.
It doesn't make him less good. But we do have a tendency to wonder if we believed a lie about him. And we do have a bent to go down the road of "Don't you love me like you do those people"?
"Why God...just tell me why and maybe in time I'll trust you again".
Actually if I really want to know the real Jesus I realize that figuring out "the What" is how Jesus looked at his life. He knew what his life on earth was about.
And if I say I follow...I must look at the "what" just like he did.

What next God?
I'm a wide open book...write your story on my heart.

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