Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fight or Flight.

My youngest son just turned 11.
You might think that he is older than that if you were to talk with him.
He is a question asker.
Very driven.
And typically will not back down from a fight.
In fact when he was a baby we had to teach his older brother, who at that point was the more passive one, to defend himself from his baby brother. Because if he wanted something….he chased after it…and if he didn’t get it he was passionate about the pursuit.

So I found it interesting that recently after an altercation with a bigger boy, my husband asked him what he thinks would fix this problem…and my passionate man child said….

“I think I’ll move to Canada.”

I have had many thoughts of fleeing situations.
I am truly a turtle when it comes time for conflict.

And if I'm forced into it...I get shakey and start to get all weepy.

Hate. It.

I typically tuck my head inside my shell and back out the nearest exit.

Flight baby…. Canada here I come!

I recognize there is a time to stay.
Like when I’m committed to a marriage or when I’ve made other binding contracts.

Is there ever a time to flee?

Flight is often equated with a lack of courage.

But at times the most courageous thing one can do is run.




So my question is…
Do I flee the things that I should flee?

And do I stay and battle the things that I should pursue?

I look at my favorite lady in the Bible, Esther .
This is a woman who was in a situation that required courage beyond compare.
She recognized her position as she responded to…. “For Such a time as this”….. living out her faith to the God of her Father. Responding in a most courageous way by looking out for the interest of her people at the risk of losing her own pretty head.

And then we have Joshua.
The guy that God had march around the city of Jericho blowing a horn.

Yelling..acting like an idiot…drawing attention to himself.

But he didn’t start like that. When God called him, in the beginning, God had to remind him over and over…”Be strong and courageous”.. and then… reassuring him… “I am with you”!
And Josh was given the victory as he stayed engaged in the battle God had called him to.

But then we have Joe,Jacob’s son…You know… Joseph.
That handsome guy was seduced by his boss’s wife.
The noble character of Joseph would not allow the situation he found himself in to determine his likely fleshly response. He didn’t just “go with it”.

He Fled.

To Canada if you will.

And his reward?

A false accusation.

His reputation maligned.

A jail cell.

What did God have in mind? This looks like a complete lack of intervention from the all knowing one.

The Father who cares?

Did he care?
I’m sure Joseph had to wonder at times as he sat in a jail cell year after year.

Had God left him there to die?

If you know the story you know that God had major plans for Joseph.
Plans that included The Palace
and Royalty.

If Joseph had decided not to flee, we don’t know how the story would have ended.

He may have missed jail.


He may have missed God’s big plan for his life as well.

Is there something that you are having trouble fleeing?
A temptation that keeps calling your name?

A seduction to

Some thing

Some one that is unhealthy and

Harmful to you and others.

Maybe it’s time for you to take a one way trip.

Maybe you‘re having trouble trusting that God is big enough to handle your march around Jericho.
The battle has become so difficult you don’t think you can make it one more day.
But we can be assured that just like Joshua and Esther if he has called us to it he will complete it in and through us.
It may look ugly. It may take patience. You may even be left with scars.


It could be that for this purpose you were created.


We were most certainly created for such a time as this.


  1. yep *raising my hand right here*...definitely a post for me today sweet friend!

  2. I've cancelled my MRI twice now, just can't bring myself to do it! That's currently my "battle." Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I love your thoughts. If fact I'm thinking maybe you could just have a little mini sermon tonight.

    I've been in both places. KNowing I need to flee and at times fighting. :)

  4. I always love reading your blog when I get the chance. This especially spoke to me today. This was a good reminder of staying in a Battle that I'm currently wishing I could run away from. But I'm learning to stay in things instead of run, through God's strength. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you have blessed me. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you over Christmas Break. =)


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