Monday, December 6, 2010

Deeper Still Conference

What a weekend! Man...Sometimes it's nice to live in a bubble with almost 14,000 women and have the strong teaching of God's word poured into my life! And even more fun when I can share it with some dear friends.

These are 2 of my Bible Study friends, Kim and Rolonda.
We have enjoyed getting to know each other in a rich way the past few months...bonding through the Word.

So I invited them to come with me to the deeper still conference.

As you can see by this picture. We enjoy us some cheesecake!!

Here is my top thirteen things I remember of the weekend.

1. Being Encouraged to live life by His Word.

2. Stepping out in faith with the arrows he has given me, and letting him fill the Margin.

3. Hearing these ladies talk candidly about all kinds of issues.

4. Hearing Kay Arthur's testimony and and her inspirational teaching on living out our Christian walk. This women is 77!!! That is an inspiration all by itself!

5. Everyone is wearing boots! Even 77 year olds!

6. That Birmingham is full of kind souls.

7. Never mess with women when they are trying to hail a taxi.

8. That although these women are Godly and have a platform they are just women like us. They have ashes to beauty stories....God can redeem and call whomever he pleases.

9. I can go through the pain if I can find 1 piece of the puzzle that brings purpose to the pain.

10. Worship with 14,000 women is so magnificent....what will heaven sound like?

11. Meeting new friends...bloggers, pastors wives, mothers, singles, and photographers.

11. Faith without works is dead. If I say I have faith I must walk in obedience.

12. Laughter is good medicine.

12. God never gives us anything for amazing sake's always for something greater.

13. While it is always fun to go...there is nothing like coming home to these faces!


  1. It was such a joy to meet you, beautiful Rose!

  2. So much fun meeting you and worshiping our sweet Jesus right along with you!

  3. So, so glad to meet you through Deidra, and I see Michelle DeRusha and Lisa Jo (gypsy mama) in your photos, too! How fun is that?

    Love your simple review, enumerating the things that stood out and affected you.

    Blessings, and thanks for introducing yourself!

    Ann Kroeker
    Content Editor

  4. What a joy to meet you, Rose! And I love your synopsis of the conference here - you hit all the high points and then some! See you around the blogosphere...blessings and joy to you this season!

  5. What fun to see some familiar faces here ... Michelle, Deidra, Lisa.

    Glad you had a great time at your conference. (I heard about your post today through Ann Kroeker, above.)

    Blessings to you as you process all that you learned.

    - Jennifer Dukes Lee
    Contributing Editor @ The High Calling

  6. I loved meeting you, Rose, and I hope our paths cross again. You have a beautiful family!

  7. Love this Rose! Your recap is succinct but speaks volumes. :) And every bit is true :)

    Loved meeting you! And these are some great pictures! :)


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