Monday, December 20, 2010

Chi Town...I love you at Christmas!

Last weekend we took a little train ride to Chi town.
I think I was born for the city.
Especially at Christmas!

Sometime during the Christmas season we like to take the kids downtown Chicago. I am always so grateful to bring them home again! So many people! It can be a little stressful keeping track of them at times....not mentioning who but one decided to wander off in a 4 story bookstore that had around 16,000 people in it(give or take a few)!
So I am especially thankful this time.
We were also excited to have Malaina's friend Erin this year. She fit right in to the mix and was a delight to be with!

A few fav's...
Lego Store
Street Singers
American Girl
The train ride
Hot coffee
Lights Everywhere
Escalator rides(down the up..Thanks "ELF"!)
Food Court at Water Tower
Glass Elevators
Window Displays

We Love the street Singers/Shows.

A little disappointing not to see the Silver Zippy man this year.

But we did love the bucket drummers and the 3 wheel bike show.

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus was the Macy window display this year. Which was cool for Malaina Because she just had a solo in that song for their school Christmas show.

And this sweet man who took our trash while we waited for the train. We loved his happy attitude as he picked up peoples trash.

Good night to all...So good to be in a warm bed again,
Visions of sugarplums dance in our head.

Tomorrow I will be having a sweet give away for someone who leaves a comment about their favorite holiday treat.

Come see me then and tell all your friends to join the sweet party!!


  1. So sad we had to miss that day. Your pictures look like fun and joy. :)

  2. oh I'm so sad you missed it! Hopefully everyone is better!! Sometime we will!

  3. I *heart* Chicago - and New York. We went to see the local production of "Annie" last weekend and it made me nostalgic for the Christmas city lights. Thanks for sharing your visit here - I took a little virtual trip with you!


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