Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days to Christmas

Sunday dinner is in full swing. The children are making jokes. The spaghetti and bread with dipping oil provides a light atmosphere where nothing is very formal. Occasionally the dog scurries over to clean up a crumb that has fallen to the floor.

There are 12 days left to Christmas.... How will we spend them? I ask for ideas. The little one has many.

The others chime in as well…
“How about caroling for some neighbors?”
“Maybe we could take some food to a shelter”.
“Remember our neighbor who lost her husband this year”.
“Slide money under someone’s door”.
I nod as I take notes…all good thoughts.

We determine that we will live out this season intentionally, giving in love. Not just to each other but praying that God brings someone down our path that he wants to “love on” this Christmas.

We start the 12th day with a Christmas Story and a song….
“Silent Night Holy Night”
And then we try it in German as the story spoke of.
“Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht”
And the verse out of John 1… “the true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world”.

I wonder if I truly celebrate his birth…the coming Messiah, or do I only make it a festival of lights and endless parade of parties and shopping.


The light of the world..

came one night long ago, in the town of Bethlehem. But there was not a room for his sweet little head! How sad that no one recognized it was he, the king of all kings, arriving on that most Sacred of nights.

But what makes my heart skip a beat today is the fact that he is coming again…
How will he find Bethlehem this time? Will I have room for him here? Or will my rooms be full of stuff? Will that stuff clutter the king’s chamber?

Will he find in me any resemblance of what his life on earth portrayed?


Love for the world..especially the lost.

Time Alone with the Father,

Making Disciples,

Obedience even to the end.

His Resurrection Power.

I need A pause in the hurry as I remember the True Spirit of The Life I Celebrate.

And may His light be the light that shines from our eyes this Christmas.


  1. 12 days to work for a water buffalo.

    Wanna do something spunky and eternal for Christmas? Then you're invited to a water buffalo party. No formal attire required. Just come and visit as we splash a family in India ...



  2. Hi, Rose!
    I just left a comment beneath yours over at (in)courage and it made me want to rush right over.

    I thought the 12 days of Christmas started on Christmas day and ended Jan 6, Epiphany.

    Either way, 12 days is a good thing for good things. May you find Him as you serve Him this season.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Hi Dawn! Thanks for stopping by! Actually technically we are counting down the days to Christmas..we started on day 12:) sorry for the confusion:)

  4. I love those thoughts about "will we have room when He comes back?" I know I want to have room for Him! I wonder if He was coming as a baby now, for the first time, would anything be different? Probably not, maybe even less room for Him in this crazy American life.

  5. Beautiful post, thanks so much for linking it to The Christmas Party!!


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