Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Truth...It's become a negative word.

Every morning I try to read a devotional with the kids before we go our separate ways for the day. It was something that I've been sporadic at over the years...we used to be more consistent at doing it at bedtime but with our hectic schedules and weird hours my older kids are starting to keep...How wild that I kiss my oldest good night and then I go to bed and she takes the dog out one last time before she comes up several hours later! When did that happen?
I yi yi!
Back to morning devotions....so yes, I have been reading a little book of devotionals to them along with a scripture verse. Several weeks ago as I start to read I realize this particular lesson is dealing with appropriate touches and inappropriate touches....I personally thought it was kind of a stretch from the story to the application but the authors point was to apply it to how God wants us to keep our bodies pure and for him alone. I'm not gonna lie..I skipped a couple words and phrases and didn't ask any questions about their understanding of it.

It's just not what we were looking for in an early morning discussion with kids ranging from 7 - 15.

At the end of prayer my son said...Wow! That was a weird devotions! What does that have to do with the Bible.
Me: Yes that was a little different but it is true that we are God's first and want to be pure in his sight.
He gives us principles to live by so we can better live our lives.
Son: I think some things in the Bible aren't important to know.
Me: Like?
Son: Names! Who cares about all those names!
Me: Well the names help us see where people came from and where they fit into history. They help us get a better picture for what that particular book is talking about. It gives us fulfilment of prophecy, like what line Jesus came from.
Son: Well did you know that Jesus wasn't actually born from the line of David...cause Joseph is from that line and he didn't have anything to do with Jesus.
Me: Good point!
But notice that they recorded family names by men. So Jesus came through that line...

Those guys...they keep me on my toes! Sometimes freshman hops in and gives her opinion...which is usually spot on.

Someday soon they will be on their own...
So the questions that continues to run through my head is...
Have I done enough to prepare them for what they may face in their lifetime?
Will they embrace my faith as their own?
I pray that they will have a love for Jesus that will not grow cold as Revelation tells us many will do.

These past couple of years I have become increasingly alarmed at the state in which The Church Of Jesus is ready to simply discount The entirety of scripture as being God Breathed... only because it doesn't make sense to intelligent minds.

Along with my children we are being given these messages every single day.
We are told that it isn't so much about Truth as the journey to truth.
It isn't so much about figuring out what God wants us to know... so much as the conversation.
We are told we shouldn't be so black and white...that real spirituality lies in the gray.

I feel Like I am fighting for their very souls.

One of my running statements I repeat to them is this:
"We always start from the premise that the Bible is TRUTH. If we don't understand it we DON'T twist what the scripture tells us. We must realize that we simply lack understanding. So let's pray for wisdom that God can only bring, so we will accept the Truth".

We never start reading with the intention of proving our own agenda. But rather, What does He want to reveal through his Word. We must know his Word Inside out. We must read and re-read it. More than ever before we need to know and live TRUTH!

Today I ask that your Word would be proclaimed as Truth. Save your people. The ones whom you have called and chosen. Turn your face to us and soften hearts that have grown cold and cynical.
You alone can save! Open the eyes of the blind.You alone can bring illumination to our minds. Your Word says that you are purifying your Bride. May we be found faithful as we stand boldly for Truth and holiness. As we lift up your Word may many come to know and Reverence you.
You are the Soon and Coming King and we fall down before you claiming you Jesus Of Nazareth, Lord Of All!
Your forgiveness is overwhelming to me.
As you have shown mercy so let me show mercy.
Break my heart for what breaks yours!
May you receive all Honor and Glory and Praise Forever and Ever!

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  1. This discussion about what is true in the bible and what is not drives me crazy! We have it frequently in our SS class at church. I often feel like it's a battle between the "thinkers" and the "feelers"...and you probably know where I stand just from how I started this sentence! ;-) Thanks for your thoughts and your insight on the issue.


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