Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thought you should be the first to know...

Well you know this site I was telling you about last week?

Well they are full of fun surprises!
Yes I think I like these gals!

Because this week they sent me another email telling me they are planning to feature me in an upcoming post.

And they sent me this fancy dancy button to paste on my blog so you would know where to find it.

I just think I'm kind of a horse and pony show over here...
But it's very nice of them to let me come play on their big blog over there.

I started this blog to record stuff for my kids to have when I am long gone. And now it's kind of metamorphosed into I don't know what but I am just a girl who likes to write and when I write I usually feel better. And I like to think that maybe somewhere out there someone is reading this and has been encouraged by some verse or word, or laughed for the first time today, or cried because they feel exactly as I sometimes do...broken or worn out.

So back to Incourage...You can go browse around and see a lot of really neat gals who have a lot of thought provoking things to say.

I'll let you know when they let me know what date it will be published.

And by the way...
Thanks so much for your sweet words. I have met some of you in random places, some through your own blogs and emails... and others I know well. I do really love you all so very much! Even if it's a cyber kind of love.:)


  1. you GO .... Rose !!!!! Wahoo!


  2. Way to go, Rose! Through your blog that I'm so glad I found, you have definitely encouraged me, made me laugh, and yes, even made me cry. Congratulations on this honor!

  3. Rose~it was so great to meet you at the Fish Fry! I continue to be a fan of your blog as well as a follower of Christ who is challenged by your words. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all.

  4. Thanks ladies! And thanks for taking time to read my ramblings! Jen it was very nice to meet you and your lovely family last week!


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