Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who are you listening to?

The door slams shut and I hear the pitter patter of her little feet.

I notice the familiar "Hey" is missing as little one enters the kitchen.
As I see her face I can tell there was an "incident".
"What happened sweetie?" I ask.
"Oh nothing". She tries to convince me but her lip gives her away.
I try to persuade, "tell me love, what's wrong".
"I don't want to talk about it". She insists.
I wont let her go that easy.
If there's one thing I know about girls big or small we like to be persuaded in these ways.
One ask isn't enough.

It should be followed up with an
"I really want to know what's wrong...Did I do something...Was there a problem with your friend...."
So I try...

And Try Some more...

I cuddle and I stroke her hair, and arm. But no breaking...
Only a little tear escapes her eye as she says she feels foolish talking about it and she doesn't want to cry.
She's breaking my heart!
If the can opener would have worked I would have given it a try!

I reassure her of my love and my open heart to hearing anytime.
I tell her that's what moms are for.

And I am left to imagine what she might be dealing with.
Did her special friends say something unkind?
Does she feel like she has to be perfect ?
I Wonder if someone rejected her?

Oh. Wait.
Those are my secrets.
The thoughts that I don't tell.

In our study this week Beth said a VERY profound truth....

When the Holy Spirit comes to convict he is VERY specific.
He tells us of the area we need to make right.
He is loving. Not condemning.

When Satan comes He Speaks in very General, Broad terms
He tells us what a heap of rubble we are.
That no one likes us now and never will.
We might as well just lay down and die.

And we believe it!
We believe we no longer have worth.
We believe it!

And the reason he doesn't want us to know our value is because when we find out who Christ has called us to be

The challenge I bring for you today is:
Look up the word love or compassion in your concordance.

See how often God tells you how much he loves you.
How much value you have.
How he esteems you.
Here's a couple just to get you started.

Lord God my Savior, when your kindness an love appeared, you saved me, not because of the righteous things I had done but because of your mercy. titus 3:4

You Lord God are with me, You are mighty to save. You will take great delight in me, you will quiet me with your love, you will rejoice over me with singing! Zeph 3:17

You are my sun and shield; You, Lord bestow favor and honor; no good thing do you withhold from those whose walk is blameless. Ps. 84:11

Great is your love toward me, O Lord. Your faithfulness endures forever. Ps 117:2

Would you take this challenge with me?

To know we are loved, called and esteemed by the King of the Universe is pretty amazing!

You are loved my friend!
And on top of that...

That same God thinks you are cool enough to hang out with!
He is so into you that he waits for you night and day!

Let's reject the lies that Satan tells us...either through people or just in our own little heads.

How bout it...

Let's see how Dangerous we can be!


  1. Your posts have been so rich lately. I can't help but sit here soaking in them on my google reader. So I kinda sorta tagged you on a previous post to answer some silly questions. Thanks for sharing your heart so deeply lately!

  2. Oh how I need to hear this daily, I am so awed by the love Jesus has for me, such an imperfect person! Thank you for sharing. I am so jealous as I saw your fall break pictures. Glad you had a fun weekend and took the time to plan ahead. :) The one thing I really miss living here is the friendships and interactions I see back East!
    Maria Chupp


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