Sunday, October 3, 2010

Painting is good for you!

This past year I was inspired to start painting.

I don't do it every day but every so often I get this urge to pick up a brush and slop some paint around until it looks kind of what I had pictured.

Lately I've been using my camera phone and snapping pictures of paintings in stores and then I try to match them.

It's great fun!

Seriously you can do this!

One of the great things about it is...

My 2nd and 5th grader think I'm pretty cool when I get out the paints.

I love it when I can connect with them.

And we have fun doing it together.

It's like elementary art class all over again...

And it's cheaper then therapy...

The only problem is...

I get so caught up in it that I have trouble remembering that there is laundry to fold and dinner to think about....

So I only do it every couple of months.

Otherwise my family will be yelling for socks...(which incidentally I believe they eat cause for the life of me I have NO idea where all those folded socks go)!! ...Actually that should take care of the dinner problem:)


Canvas at Michael's + Paint + brushes(not the real expensive ones just a mid line set) = fantastic fun and creativity!

Enjoy your weekend!~:)

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