Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finding the joy

Do you remember that old Sunday School Song....

I've got the joy joy joy joy
Down in my heart...

Recently I've been reflecting on joy.

Not happiness.

Not giddiness.

But a deep joy that absorbs me in peace and contentment.

While I know that God's word is primary in bringing this about...

there are daily or weekly things that I can also do while I'm living here.

I have been challenged to take baby steps in this area.

Just the Simple things that can make all the difference in finding joy.
So I made a list.

1. I love to entertain.

To make my home a place where my loved ones can come and feel cared for. A place my children can bring friends. A warm atmosphere with nourishing food or party snacks.

2. I love to eat out with friends.

A group of people who share a love for one another. How refreshing to be with friends and have someone else cook and clean up for us. Only conversation on our mind.

3. Camping.

A time to reflect on nature and all God created. Quiet moments that allow for deeper thinking and rest.

4. Water.

I am not picky where this happens. A lake,a stream, pond, the shore. There is a peace that floods my soul as I sit looking at water, listening to it, breathing in the taste of it.

5. Music.

Nothing brings a smile to my face or tears down my cheeks faster then music. It is soul food for sure. God gave us music to enjoy. And it doesn't matter if you can actually carry a tune or play an instrument....music speaks. And for me, playing is completely cathartic.

6. Coffee with a friend.

A cup of hot coffee with a friend is one of the soothing serums for my soul. It's almost like those beans start talking and we can never shut off the flow...until the workers are turning off the lights or sweeping carpets, asking us if we still need our mugs.
7.Yummy smells.

There is something about smell that makes me feel nostalgic, hungry, or sometimes just relaxed and peaceful.
Mmmm....I smell Cinnamon rolls in the oven right now...Love!

8. A funny moment shared with someone I love.
Like a "remember when" story. Or a new little funny thing kids say or prayers they pray...Like last night the little one thanked God for showing her the difference between faith and love. I'm not sure what all that meant but he knows and it made me smile.
9. Creating.
Whether its a project, painting a room, giving an old piece of furniture a face lift,making a new recipe,writing a song, or a new blog post....these are all things that give me a sense of joy.

10. Prayer + Walk = Prayer walking

I have become a big fan of this method of exercise. Not only am I getting in a workout but pouring out concerns and Thanksgivings to God...especially when done with someone else is very Powerful.
If you see me walking and my lips are moving...I have not lost my mind...well, that's not a guarantee but it is quite possibly true that I am speaking with my Father.(warning: You may not want to close your eyes for this method of prayer:)

Restoring the joy.
Going back to the simple pleasures that bring peace.
Making time for the things that bring refreshment to my soul.

Baby steps to joy.

Trying to live the thing out.

Making time in the chaos or sadness.

Do you have a list?

I wonder what it might be?

Maybe you could write it out....

And start taking your own baby steps to a joyful today.


  1. Thanks Rose! You are amazing with words and thoughts written out. I too love to prayer walk!!! Have a great day!

  2. I prayer shower! :-) I resonate with #2,5,and 9.


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