Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's for Dinner?

One of my favorite meals to make is Chicken Fajitas.

I love it because of 2 things.

1. It's simple

2. My kids eat it with Gusto!

All I do is put frozen chicken breast into my crock pot.
I add a cup of water and sprinkle it with salt.
(Large sprinkling of salt)

Then I cook it all day. Low up to 8 hours and 4 on high.

After it's cooked it literally falls apart when you stick a fork in it.

So I just add a package of any kind of taco like seasoning.(we especially like this flavor)

I fry up some onions...for J and I..... and


Dinner is served~


  1. Mmmm.....loooove fajitas. Veggie fajitas are my favorite, but I usually stick some chicken in there for the kiddies too. I've never tried the crockpot method before, I'll have to try that out!!!



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