Monday, September 6, 2010

Moments you never forget...

The old man speaks of days gone by. Years etched on his face lined up in rows like the fields he speaks of. On and On the stories are told until he has worn my weary mind to a screeching halt.
He is one who speaks more then he listens.
His speech tells me he is lonely and in need of friends.
Years of pain come forth and yet he doesn't realize all he is telling as he speaks.
He doesn't understand the song that he is playing has rifts that show his vulnerabilities.

Patience and grace I keep whispering over and over...

And then I watch as the little one crawls into his lap and sweetly says, "good morning grandpa".
He in his deep gruff voice responds in kind, and then asks for a spoon.
She responds, "yes grandpa"..and quickly shuffles over to get one.
"The milk will sour, it should be put away". He announces.
"Yes grandpa I will do it". She softly says.

Need for space and a new thought drive me to my computer.
I sit in the next room in wonderment as I hear her continued interactions with him.
"Can you play a game with me?
I will teach you.
By the time you leave you will be a Yahtzee expert".

He softens and laughs. She hurries to find the game explaining that she has a whole closet of games.

Her careful instructions as she explains how to play remind me of the patience I have lacked. Even as he dozes off she sweetly wakes him and starts over.

And I listen.

She brings game after game.
Sometimes she explains, "no one wins, this is a team game".

"Do you want to be yellow, red or blue? Grandpa, Grandpa," Pause....
As he dozes off once again...she waits.

My 7 year old is teaching me how to love today.
They are loving each other.
She is meeting the need of an old man although he seems to be unaware of how she is ministering to his lonely heart.

And he is giving a little girl who so loves quality time the attention she desires.

Letting his hard words go right over her head.
Not allowing his gruffness to scare her.
But instead giggling and responding with patient kindness.

He is warming and seems softer as he plays.
"One more?" She asks.
"Sure", he responds

I am moved as I hear their exchanges.

I can't remember a grandpa.


After today she will never forget hers.

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