Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mis-Mash of my life....

Life has been happening. It feels like it's speeding by right now.

Especially because of all my kids have going.

Since I stay at home again I am using my days to regroup.

Let me clarify...I DO spend about 2 - 3 hours in the van every day...carpooling..dropping off... picking up...going to events...running around...taking forgotten lunches...and biology books...

It's been good.

Very good.

My mom had a brunch for my aunt and cousins.

It was delightful.

My mother knows how to throw a tea party. She loves to use all her pretty plates and make lots of food and serve 2 kinds of juice.

I appreciate the way she likes to give of herself in these ways.
She made this Quiche.

She has served this yummy dish since I was a teen and I still Love it!
Quick Quiche....

3 C. Milk

1C. Bisquick

1 Small onion

1/2 C. Butter

1 tsp. Salt

dash pepper

Mix in blender

Pour into greased 9x13 pan

Place toppings in layers....

fried bacon


2 C. cheddar cheese

1 sm can mushrooms

sprinkle with dill

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes...

This is my cousin Crystal. I don't get to see her much. She was the only girl cousin close to me in age.I loved playing with her at Christmas past. Now we are both pushing the big 4-0... and have freshmen girls.

And I've been chasing that freshman all over watching her play this awesome game....

Did you know how much I like this game?

There has not been another game so fun as volleyball!

She is loving her year.

And her Very Cool Coach and Team!

It's been a great season!

And then I've been getting my house ready for fall...

Don't tell but I may have gotten all these items for under $5!

That bittersweet may have been found in a ditch and those acorns may have been gathered in the hem of my shirt at a park.

Love fall stuff! Especially when it's free!

My front porch was a little harder to do on a dime.

Cause I really don't feel right about taking peoples pumpkins,gourds and mums without paying.

That's called stealing.

So I did purchase these items.

But again the free bittersweet lines my window.

And we just can't stop camping.

We went camping this past weekend with old friends from our town.

Not that the friends are old but we certainly have lots of children between us.... that seem to be getting older.

In fact we counted....

We had either birthed or brought along 37 kids between 18 adults.
Good Grief!

Cooking over the fire is always so much fun!

Especially when someone else is doing it!

It was so fun to catch up on their lives and just enjoy some late night chats (after staying up Later then our teens...proud moment!) around the campfire.

And this boy of mine is in the middle of his very favorite sport...

Cause it gives him a chance to "Tackle" someone!

This is Micah and his good friend Braden who got to play against each other this past week.

On Friday night we celebrated freshman's birthday...she turned 15 and has become quite obsessed with wanting to know details about my social life in my teens...if you know what I mean...So I told her if I had run into a burning house as a teen and realized how unwise it was I wouldn't encourage her to do the same...
Well, at our dinner out that night with the family it came up...AGAIN!
And then they all started talking about where they would go on their honeymoon.
One boy said he was taking his bride to the "seven wonders of the world". One said they would like to go somewhere tropical and the little one said, "I want to go somewhere like......... Indianapolis".


  1.!! :) Looks like you are keeping busy, Miss Rose Yoder. And, man, your kids are GROWING UP!!!

  2. Love volleyball, love the Iowa sweatshirt, love camping!! :) You are a blessed woman, Rose!

  3. Awww...I love your fall decor. Glad you didn't take my pumpkins or mums. :) :) Can't wait to catch up with you tomorrow night~I would love to hear about your teen dating years.

  4. Cindy said...

    Are you sure about that Heather? It could take WEEKS!!!! :)


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