Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coming of Age...

Jalen had his big coming of age party.

We have a tradition of celebrating 13 birthdays by having it be a time that all my brothers and sisters and their families come together and bring blessings written for that teen.

So they gathered at our house on Sunday Night and we partied with Jalen's favorite foods....

This little girl wanted to be out with the action and whined when we said "no". But she had nothing to read and we didn't want her eating the food and choking to death. So she had to sadly watch from the window..

Poor Poor thing!~ Crazy dog~

This is Jalen's Grand dad reading his blessing.

The cool thing is our kids know that they have a support system that believes in them.

They know that we expect them to live in honorable ways and that we love them so very much!

So we sat around the fire until it was so dark we had to bring out the lanterns and flashlights to continue.

We ended it with a special prayer over Jalen.

He is blessed indeed!
I think this guy got his fix of affirming words and hugs..

I'm leaving you today with Jason's blessing to Jalen.

It is hard to believe you are 13 years old already. When you came into our world I remember thinking at least now I won’t be out numbered by the girls. I recall going out to look for a going home outfit and thinking they sure don’t give as many choices for boys clothes as they do girls. I think now I know why that it is. You are content to wear the same pair of sweat pants 19 days in a row and wonder why we ask you to change when it it time to wash them. I remember putting those clothes on you and they were huge. But you looked like a little man. I wondered as I held you there what kind of man you would turn out to be.

It has been fun watching you develop from the little boy whose hat would fall and cover your eyes when you were trying to play baseball. Jalen you have always liked to run, even when the coach would tell you to stop at first you kept running. As the year progressed I watched you become more coachable, leading the team with the highest on base percentage and scoring the most times per at bat. This quality will serve you well as you get the opportunity to work for an employer who wants something done in a specific way. I hope that you will always be coachable.
Jalen you are not usually the one that is itching to get in front of people. But when it becomes necessary to do so you do well. You can be confident and focused and these are qualities of a good leader.

I have enjoyed watching you grow into a young man. When asked about your thoughts and feelings you usually don’t have much to say. However, when you decide to share more it is usually (except when you are being crazy) to ask thoughtful questions. When you desire to understand the meaning of something you process it until you find a satisfactory answer. That type of determination will serve you well as you continue your journey into adulthood. I trust that you will find your answers in the One who knows all things.

The verse that I would like you to always remember is found in II Timothy 1:7-8a. “For God did not give us the spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord.”
Jalen this verse tells you that you do not have to be afraid. Because God has given you a spirit of power. Not so you can be mean to people, but rather for you to love people and enough power to be self-disciplined. My prayer for you as you continue through your teenage years is that you use the power that God has placed inside of you to love others and control yourself.
This will make you a TRUE MAN.
I love you tiger

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