Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Love

This summer has gone so quickly!

I think it's been one of the speediest July's of all times.

I am not a fan of August simply because that means one very sad, sad thing...

The kids are going back to school.

I Love my summer break.

I love late nights and sleeping in!

I love swimming and sunshine.

I love gardening and flowers.

I love warm breezes and fireflies.

I love spending time with my kids.

I love traveling and camping trips.

I love shorts and tee shirts.

I love parades and fireworks.

I love sitting on my front porch watching everything in slow motion.

I love mowing and the smell of the grass.

I love fresh vegetables and fruits!

And seriously I didn't have to pause and think about these things so I know there are about 346 other things that I could list if I really tried to think about it!

Ahh sweet summer please don't end!

You are my love~

I think I shall cry when you make your exit!


  1. I hear ya!! Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. At least we know it will come again!

  2. My my my...YOu've been busy blogging, and I've been missing it.

    Ahhh..I love summer too, It has gone really really fast. :( Did have so much fun with you at the water park. We'll have to make that a tradition.


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