Monday, August 30, 2010

Silly Silly Silly

Dear Silly Band inventor~

I just thought I should thank you for your very clever clever idea!

I will admit that I am a little jealous that you thought of it first....

I mean a rubber band in different shapes is an inspired idea!

I do have one small complaint though....

It's that I find these annoying little shaped rubber bands everywhere,absolutely everywhere in my house.

I know technically it isn't your fault...

But I do blame you.

Basically because I'm mad that you figured out how to sell high priced rubber bands.

Yes they are everywhere in my house....


Bathroom counters,

In my laundry,

Tucked in van seats,

Beside pillows....

And beside the bathtub(every night).

I am sure you have a beautiful home in the Bahamas

with a leer jet and maid service(which would explain why you didn't think of me) by now.

So you're welcome!~

And next time you're dreaming up a multi million dollar idea..



  1. I am laughin' SO hard! I just got done picking up some stuff in AJ's room and stood there with a silly banz in my hand contemplating the trash can or the shelf? I hear ya sista!

  2. luv it!!! - Cindy

  3. Yep. They are all over our house too. Tradin' them everyday at school. Somehow~Jack keeps getting them from his female friends from school for free. :)


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