Thursday, August 12, 2010

I felt lucky to be me this week~

I am not always very lucky in winning but...

My blogger friend Menno Jeweler was giving away a pair of ear rings,


I was the WINNER!!

It was so much fun to receive these little beauties!

And Look they match my eyeballs!!

Go visit her and look at all the pretty things she makes!

Thank you Kathy~!!


  1. Hey Girl.

    Two Things...

    First of all, I loooooove winning things on blogs. I've won two things in the last year. The last thing I won was a cleaning set for my granite countertops. You SERIOUSLY would have thought I won the lottery!!! I was jumping up and down when the UPS driver delivered it!!!!! Ha!

    Secondly, I just read your previous post. On top of that fact that I love that beachtown too I also appreciated your honesty about worrying about your kids. Sometimes I really let fear of things happening to my kids just GRIP me. I lose sleep at night. My poor husband reminds me that we can't let them live in a bubble...or even wrap them in bubble wrap...their whole lives!!! Prayer definitely helps me let go of some of that fear...but I still deal with it.

    Anyway, appreciate your honesty.

    Love ya.

  2. You're welcome, Rose! Thanks for the shout out! :-) And you're right, they match your eyes perfectly!

  3. I love when my earrings match my eyes...:) :) How fun to win something.


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